Saturday, April 01, 2006

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Intention and Explanation - our first posting (23/03/2006)

Postings dealing with specific denier arguments and other issues:

Series:That's why it is denial, not revisionism. [permalink]
How to interpret witness testimony. [permalink]
What the Soviets knew about Auschwitz - and when. [permalink]
Demjanyuk and Holocaust deniers [permalink]
  • Part I by Sergey Romanov (02/05/2006)
Carlo Mattogno on Belzec Archaeological Research [permalink]
Debunking denierbud videos and writings at [permalink]
H.E.A.R.T. ( exposed [permalink]
Correction Corner. [permalink]
The Crazy World of Walter Sanning [permalink]
Other postings of interest:Andrew E. Mathis
Nick Terry
Sergey Romanov:
To be continued...

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