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Debunking the YouTube denial.

This post will be updated from time to time with short debunkings of the more or less popular denier videos from YouTube.

For standalone posts debunking the denier videos see:

Debunking Denierbud's One Third of the Holocaust series.

Debunking Denierbud's "Auschwitz - The Surprising Hidden Truth"

Also, this post, while not directly addressing Denierbud's Buchenwald series, directly debunks his core thesis: Nazi shrunken heads, human skin lampshades, human soap, textiles from human hair? Sorting out the truth from the legends.

Debunking David Cole's Auschwitz video

Eric Hunt's videos won't be bothered with since Eric has since abandoned and denounced denial in no uncertain terms: Eric Hunt is No Longer a Holocaust Denier. And obviously, if his own videos no longer convince him, there's no need to waste time. But here's Caroline Sturdy Colls' response.

Short debunking of Steven Anderson's video "The Holocaust Hoax Exposed"

The French denier Vincent Reynouard and his clownish denial innovations

Is The French Holocaust Denier Thierry Gosselin As Dense As a Black Hole?

1. Debunking of the video "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told."
2. Debunking of the video "Jewish Holocaust lies exposed"
3. Debunking of the video "10 Hard Facts About the Holocaust"
4. Debunking of the video "Holocaust Myths"
5. Debunking of the video "Europa The Last Battle Holocaust Segment #8"
6. Debunking of the video "The greatest lie ever told - The Holocaust."

1. Debunking of the video "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told."

We treat only the Holocaust denial part here, if it is not credible, the rest falls apart on its own. (If you want to see the other points treated, look here.)

The Nuremberg Danzig soap has never been debunked. It was not mass-produced but some human soap was indeed made. It was obviously not the "Jewish soap", which is a myth. This claim is fully treated here.

The shrunken heads are supported by documentary evidence, as elucidated here.

So are the tattoos, which were gathered from corpses for research on criminality, as explained here.

The existence of the extermination decision is documented in Goebbels' diary entry describing Hitler's speech in a small circle of high-ranking officials on 12.12.41:
"Regarding the Jewish question, the Führer is determined to clear the table. He warned the Jews that if they were to cause another world war, it would lead to their own destruction.
Those were not empty words. Now the world war has come. The destruction of the Jews must be its necessary consequence. We cannot be sentimental about it. It is not for us to feel sympathy for the Jews. We should have sympathy rather with our own German people. If the German people have to sacrifice 160,000 victims in yet another campaign in the east, then those responsible for this bloody conflict will have to pay for it with their lives."
See here for more documents on the extermination intent.

The author then raises a strawman as well as a false dichotomy. First he implies that the only evidence that should count is autopsy reports, photos or footage.

He then "forgets" about the documentary evidence e.g.:
Contemporary German Documents on Homicidal Gas Vans
Rebuttal of Mattogno on Auschwitz, Part 5: Construction Documents, G: Gas Chambers

Then he implies that the only gassing witnesses that count testified at Nuremberg (and yes, Nuremberg witnesses could be cross-examined).

The fact is that there were many dozens of trials having to do specifically with gassings, and hundreds about the Holocaust in general (which is not reducible to gassings). Of them many took place in West Germany, so the "Soviets" part was just another strawman.

The "Auschwitz had lots of non-extermination stuff" idiocy is debunked here. Also this.

David Cole now admits that Nazis gassed and shot Jews on a massive scale which debunks the film right there and then. Some of Cole's nitpicks about the small Auschwitz gas chamber are treated here and here.

Also see Debunking David Cole's Auschwitz video.

All Cole debunked were misconceptions about the small gas chamber (which was not in the extermination camp Birkenau in the first place and in which only a few gassings happened).

Sure, the Soviets tried to reconstruct the small gas chamber (after the crematorium morgue had been converted into an air-raid shelter) and partially botched the job, big deal. This doesn't refute the small gas chamber in the slightest, nor, of course, the big gas chambers at Birkenau.

He is of course wrong about there being only witness evidence:

Index of Published Evidence on Mass Extermination in Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau
"Separate accommodation" in Auschwitz: a code word for extrajudicial executions
The Kinna Report - German Document on the Killing of Unfit Jews in Auschwitz

Aerial photos do show smoke.

The cyanide residue has been found, Leuchter has been exposed as a fraud.

The alleged photo fakery is dealt with here.

The "300,000 dead" argument is a lie, only registered inmates were meant in that footage, very obviously (the "official" figure was 4,000,000 after all).

The plaque argument is debunked here.

The First Holocaust nonsense is debunked here.

There are laws against denying the Communist crimes, the Armenian genocide and the law in Turkey that bans the assertion of the Armenian genocide, so the claim about the Holocaust being the only such event is another lie.

Of course, the author never ever deals with the extensive documentary evidence for the Holocaust, he's totally silent about the massacres of Jews like Babiy Yar  or other mobile killing units massacres.

Here is just a very small sample of documentary evidence:

Contemporary German Documents on Homicidal Gas Vans
Sonderkommando Kulmhof in German Documents - The Extermination of 100,000 Jews
The Kinna Report - German Document on the Killing of Unfit Jews in Auschwitz
Index of Published Evidence on Mass Extermination in Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau
Evidence on the Babi Yar Massacre 29 & 30 September 1941: Contemporary Sources
The Jäger Report
Rebuttal of Mattogno on Auschwitz, Part 5: Construction Documents, G: Gas Chambers
More Than 100 Nazi Extermination Remarks, 1939-1944
More Nazi Mass Murder Statements

This "chapter" of the film fell apart like a cheap suit, this means the rest of it is just as deceptive and not credible.

2. Debunking of the video "Jewish Holocaust lies exposed"

This 6:54 long video has since been blocked. It's a typical "video list" Gish gallop.

World Almanac claim debunked here.

Pre-Holocaust Holocaust debunked here.

Claim about Weissmandl and "6 million":

1. It is somewhat ironic how the obviously anti-Zionist author of the video quotes the anti-Zionist Weissmandel as a hoaxer.

2. Tom Segev expresses doubts about Weissmandl's claims in The Seventh Million, p. 92:
"Later he published a terrible indictment of the Zionist movement. The Zionists have abandoned him and his people because they were ultraorthodox non-Zionists, he charged, as if Gisi Fleischmann had not been his partner. He based his arguments on letters he quoted from memory; they are unavailable in any archives. They may have been lost or spirited away, or they may never have been written."
3. Indeed, this letter purports to have been written on May 15, 1944 "in a cave near Lublin", and presents the Hungarian deportations as if they're in full swing. And yet May 15 was the day the first Hungarian transports left Hungary. They arrived in Auschwitz only on May 16. Clearly the text as quoted cannot be authentic.

4. Let's assume for the sake of the argument that the alleged letter is genuine. Then it's just another example of cherrypicking - among a large set of letters of course you can find any number. It only becomes "meaningful" if you ignore all the other numbers you omitted.

Ehrenburg's quote is from December 1944, late enough to make such an estimate as the absolute bulk of the Holocaust victims have been dead by then.

Auschwitz plaque nonsense debunked here.

Listed estimated death tolls come from random mostly unauthoritative sources and mean exactly nothing for the evidence-based historiography. You can find extremely diverging estimates of Stalin's victims, does that mean Stalin wasn't a criminal? Also see here.

The list is topped off with the lie about what the Red Cross allegedly claims, debunked here.

So just another useless YouTube video full of denier lies.

3. Debunking of the video "10 Hard Facts About the Holocaust"

6 minutes.

Claim #1: refuted here.

Claim #2: refuted here.

Claim #3: refuted here.

Claim #4: addressed here and here.

Claim #5: refuted here.

Claim #6: refuted here.

Claim #7: the truth does not fear an honest investigation; Holocaust deniers are, en masse, not honest and engage in pure propaganda. And propaganda can destroy the truth. Hence the anti-HD laws (which I don't support). Also, to take another example, Turkey has a law against the affirmation of the Armenian genocide, while several countries have laws against the denial of the Armenian genocide. None of this is relevant to whether the Armenian genocide happened. Same applies to the laws against denial of Communist crimes - do they mean there were no Communist crimes?

Claim #8: refuted here.

Claim #9: the claims were mere rumors without any serious support, except the one about shrunken heads  those were indeed made in Buchenwald (not from Jews).

I didn't quite get what the claim #10 was. Was it about the Holocaust being a dogma? But if so, why do most deniers whom I send these links which lead to sourced, informative articles refuse to tackle the arguments in them and instead engage in character assassination, ad hominems and insults?

4. Debunking of the video "Holocaust Myths"

21 minutes, apparently by Jim Rizoli.

Claim about revised Auschwitz death toll debunked here. (Note that finding some random book that took it seriously does not prove anything.)

Claim about no German records of a homicidal gas chamber program: obvious lie debunked at
Contemporary German Documents on Homicidal Gas Vans
Rebuttal of Mattogno on Auschwitz, Part 5: Construction Documents, G: Gas Chambers
Index of Published Evidence on Mass Extermination in Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau

Claim about Auschwitz gastight doors: the doors for the homicidal gas chambers were the same doors used for Zyklon B delousing gas chambers, so they obviously were gastight by definition. Less cyanide is used for short-period homicidal gassings than for multi-hour delousings.

Krema I is not in its original state so the claims about its doors are meaningless.

The claim about "combined strength" of thousands of people pushing on the doors is a macabre absurdity. Thousands of people were never near the door. Maybe a few naked, confused people at the door, and they're dead pretty soon. Addressed in detail here.

See more here.

None of the experts who have honestly studied Auschwitz have ever denied the gassings. Only the dishonest ignoramuses like Lindsey made such claims. Why is Lindsey dishonest?

1. He claimed that the underground were "cool", not mentioning that they were preheated before gassings, and that the heat of hundreds or thousands of bodies would generate enormous amounts of heat too (he was forced to admit it later). He also did not mention the Nazi wartime studies showing that HCN evaporates readily even at cold temperatures.

2. He used the dishonest flimsy doors argument mentioned above.

3. The "skin absorption" argument has been debunked even by a denier star Fritz Berg:
"Faurisson has repeatedly overstated the danger of HCN absorption through the skin. Although skin certainly does absorb HCN, it does so rather slowly. According to a source which Faurisson has himself used, 10 minutes are required to overcome a man with a gas mask whose skin is exposed to a concentration of 2% HCN in air."

“It should also be remembered that a man may be overcome by the absorption of hydrocyanic acid gas through the skin; a concentration of 2 percent hydrocyanic acid being sufficient to thus overcome a man in about 10 minutes. Therefore, even if one wears a gas mask, exposure to concentrations of hydrocyanic acid gas of 1 percent by volume or greater should be made only in case of necessity and then for a period not longer than 1 minute at a time. In general, places containing this gas should be well ventilated with fresh air before the wearer of the mask enters, thus reducing the concentration of hydrocyanic acid gas to low fractional percentages.” (See: The Gas Mask, Technical Manual No. 3-205, War Department, Washington, October 9, 1941, p. 144, NA RG 407, Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1917 TM 3-205.)
The typical lethal concentration for an execution chamber and for delousing is only 0.1% HCN in air, in other words, the lethal gas need only be one-twentieth as strong as the gas discussed in Faurisson's reference. If one applies a rule of thumb or reciprocity known sometimes as Henderson's Rule, one would need twenty times as long to cause the same toxic effect. In other words, approximately 200 minutes or three hours of exposure to 0.1% HCN would be needed to overcome a worker wearing a gas mask but whose skin is exposed. It is almost inconceivable, however, that workers removing corpses would be exposed to anything near these concentrations after the doors were opened."
The letter from some Roubeix guy doesn't cite any arguments and can be instantly dismissed.

Fred Leuchter has been thoroughly debunked.

Now to the issues of ventilation. Note that the gas chambers were not planned as such from the beginning. It has been shown by Pressac that they were at first planned as morgues and converted into gas chambers pretty late in the planning. Hence the things that might seem incongruous, like undressing room having more air exchanges per hour than the gas chamber.

The problem for the deniers is that we do know that a gas chamber existed there, in Leichenkeller 1. It was described as a "gas cellar" (Gaskeller) and a "gassing cellar" (Vergasungskeller):

The denier explanations have been pretty varied - some claim, without any evidence, that it was an air-raid shelter but this cannot be since no such air-raid shelter would be described as a Vergasungskeller (it would be Gasschutzkeller or something similar).

Another explanation, promoted by Mattogno among others, is that they tried to install a delousing chamber in Leichenkeller 1. But if so, then the deniers admit that the ventilation system in the morgue was sufficient for handling of Zyklon B, and moreover the undressing room still had a slightly more powerful ventilation as the delousing chamber in this case too. So it's hardly an issue only for the homicidal chamber.

(More on the "delousing chamber" argument why it is wrong see here.)

Long story short: ventilation existed, it was sufficient.

And it was not a delousing chamber since Auschwitz had dedicated delousing chambers elsewhere, and the facilities were not on the list of the delousing installations.

Skin color of corpses has been dealt with here.

The denier then distorts a witnesses quote about faces. He was obviously using metaphoric language to describe people becoming a mound of dead flesh. Obvious from the context. So the denier is simply dishonest.

The denier then distorts yet another witnesses' quote, claiming he claimed skin turned into glue. He of course claimed no such thing. Rather he referred to difficulty of detaching corpses from one another - which would be an obvious effect of rigor mortis, among other things.

The denier then jumps to crematoria capacities but, of course, compares apples and oranges - modern crematoria, or more specifically the modern cremation procedures prescribed by law cannot be compared to the procedures employed in the wartime Nazi camps. This is explained at length here.

Due to the differences in procedure the Nazis were able to achieve the average capacities that were much larger than the modern crematoria as numerous documents attest.

I'm afraid I'll take the word of the Nazi cremation specialists over that of some amateur deniers who lie about other matters as well. But even Mattogno had to concede that in Gusen cremations took much shorter than than 1 hour.

As for coke in Gusen, this has no bearing on Auschwitz at all. A Nazi engineer calculated the needed amounts of coke for the ovens as they were used in Auschwitz for a 12-hour period, based on the information from the oven manufacturer. He noted that through continuous use (bei Dauerbetrieb) the amounts of coke needed are significantly smaller. Indeed, the continuous cremation differs starkly from many individual cremations (with their heating down and heating up cycles).

For example the magistrate of Wiesbaden wrote to the firm Topf & Söhne (who had constructed the Auschwitz ovens) on 19.12.1949 (ThHStAW, Bestand Topf u. Söhne, 231, Bl. 35):
"It is hereby confirmed that Mr. chief engineer Klettner carried out the planned conversion of the cremation furnace in 2 1/2 weeks, taking into account improvements according to your latest experiences.
Mr. Klettner demonstrated the furnace in operation and handed it over after three days of trial operation with a total of 16 cremations to our complete satisfaction today.
The performance of the oven, especially in terms of fuel consumption, exceeded all expectations. On the third day after the commissioning, cremation times of 40 minutes were already being achieved without any fuel consumption except for the required heating up [of the oven].
You are free to show the oven to the interested parties after a prior notification.
Publication of the above letter without prior permission on this side is not permitted."
Chimney fires are of course possible and have nothing whatsoever to do with coke but rather with the soot accumulating in the chimneys (the more, the more actively the ovens are used). Duh.

As for the photos, the first question is whether the smoke from chimneys would be observable on the aerial photos at all. Second issue is whether the crematoria smoked continuously during the operation or only in certain periods (that they did smoke we know from photos showing soot on chimneys).

Third issue is whether they were taken in the periods of crematoria inactivity (which could be on a particular day without any transports, on the days where crematoria were inactive because of repairs; and possibly every day for a few hours for the oven maintenance) or when the open-air incineration pits were used instead (clearly visible on the photos). Merely throwing out "peak extermination activity" doesn't mean anything. One has to go through the photos day by day and see what happened on those days. One will find that on several of those dates there is no evidence of transports, and on three dates the corpses were burned in the incineration pits, the smoke being clearly visible.  On May 31 one chimney can seen to be "glowing" from the inside.

This issue is further examined here.

The refractory brick stuff is an old canard. A German researcher found that refractory bricks fail after a certain number of cremation cycles. That makes sense. But this only refers to individual cremations in civil crematoria with heating and cooling cycles, obviously not to continuous multiple cremations as practiced in Auschwitz, where one cremation cycle meant hundreds of bodies, not 1. More about that here.

Conclusion: the author is an ignorant liar repeating debunked claims.

5. Debunking of the video "Europa The Last Battle Holocaust Segment #8"

This video is peak Gish gallop. I did not bother to go through each frame.

The author begins by outright lying that the majority of partisans were Jews and that Jews were shot as partisans and not Jews. After this everything else he says can be ignored.

Just for the fun of it I skimmed through the rest. He lies about Jews declaring war on Germany (they didn't; a tabloid "fake news" headline is not evidence of an actual war declaration) and this allegedly giving a legal right to Germany to put Jews into camps (it didn't and the Nazis never used it as an argument for the camps).

People in labor camps were dying in great numbers due to systemic mistreatment (that is, even ignoring the extermination for a sec) long before the end of the war and the bombing of the infrastructure (see e.g. Wachsmann's KL).

The video gathers random internet memes without factchecking them.

E.g. the Zündel trial memes handled here and here.

He outright lies about no documents referring to policy of extermination - see here, here, here just for starters.

He outright lies about the Red Cross, which was not able to visit all camps and certainly not any extermination camps. He fabricates the alleged Red Cross quote about the alleged interrogations of detainees about the gas chambers.

He repeats the ignorant "flimsy door" non-argument.

He relies on the fraud Leuchter and on the dishonest Lüftl.

He relies on an outright and long-ago debunked fake "Lachout document".

He relied on Cole, who has been totally debunked.

He repeats the Buchenwald photo nonsense.

And uses some random online photo fakes.

He distorts Bruno Baum's claim.

He relies on the fraud Krege who made lots of claims about GPR tests at Treblinka but has failed to publish his results in 2 decades now. Leading deniers reject his hoax contention that the soil was not disturbed at all - after all, they claim that there was a transit camp there (with at least several of thousands of Jews buried). I.e. Krege is an outright liar. For more see here.

He brings up the braindead Larson canard.

From the existence of the Prussian Blue in the delousing chambers does not follow the necessity of such in the homicidal chambers - completely different modes of operation.

He lies about a court's decision about the Anne Frank diary - never happened; he lied about significant portions of the diary being written in ballpoint pen or about BKA concluding so; he lied about the handwriting not matching; on the contrary, the diary was fully forensically tested and found genuine.

He repeats the usual nonsensical "leisure stuff means no extermination" idiocy.

He lies about the non-existent Red Cross death stats - Red Cross never gave any such numbers.

He repeats the zombie argument about the Auschwitz plaque and the total Holocaust death toll, showing that he has not mastered the basic arithmetic.

He repeats the decrypts nonsense.

He repeats the "pre-Holocaust 6m" non sequitur that makes zero sense.

He carps on some fake witnesses as if it proved anything.

He repeats the debunked "Wiesel-impostor" nonsense.

As well as the "witnesses that saw no gas chambers" nonsense.

Since I was just skimming, I've probably missed a lot of stuff and could probably double the above list.

It is clear that the author of the video is nothing but a fabricator and/or a mindless regurgitator of other denier lies who has merely amassed as many internet memes (debunked here) as possible but has never done any real research.

6. Debunking of the video "The greatest lie ever told - The Holocaust."

Attributed to "Eleanor Wittakers" (the narrator is male).

2:29: the author shows her absolute ignorance by stating that the Holocaust is defined as murder of 6 million Jews in concentration camps. In fact, no serious source states this, any basic credible source will mention the millions killed outside of any camps - due to the mass shootings, gassings in gas vans, starvation etc. - as well as the fact that most extermination camps (like Treblinka) were not even concentration camps.

That's it. We can end it here. The author has zero idea about the definition of the term "Holocaust", which renders anything else she says on the topic not credible.

Around minute 13: the author does not actually cite any credible sources on the alleged systematic torture in Nuremberg - McCarthy's lack of credibility is well known (including in relation to the Malmedy massacre trials, the investigation of which showed McCarthy's key claims lacking credibility). And the Malmedy trials didn't have to do with Nuremberg in the first place.

15:21: the repetition of the ignorant statement "that 6,000,000 Jews were systematically murdered by Germans in concentration camps", see above. Once again, this is enough to dismiss the whole video.

15:38: the credible estimates of the Holocaust death toll vary from 5 to 6 million, they are based on a country-by-country analysis of the Jewish population, on the Nazis' deportation and camp records and so on. They are certainly not based on any one testimony. Here is one such scholarly study that documents that between 5 and 6 million Jews died.

18:16: the author repeats the "Red Cross document" lie debunked here.

21:00: the author tries to calculate the rate at which the Jews had to have been killed and comes to the figure of "2.281 Jews killed in a minute". The author however forgets to make an argument. Is this number supposed to speak for itself? Well, obviously no - there's nothing meaningful or useful about this purely abstract rate. Such "rates" can be concocted for any mass murder. And?

21:40: Actually Auschwitz had a gas chamber since late 1941 (in the main camp crematorium) and Auschwitz-Birkenau had two buildings with gas chambers already in 1942, so the author shows her absolute ignorance again. Oh, and the majority of the Holocaust killings obviously did not happen in Auschwitz.

22:00: the author repeats the debunked "World Almanac" canard, in fact outright lying, since at least one of her post-war numbers explicitly refers to 1939 in the Almanac.

24:24: the juggling of the Holocaust survivor numbers is irrelevant - it depends solely on the "wider" definition of a survivor, to wit:
The two researchers reached radically different conclusions. On Ukeles' count, there are 687,900 Holocaust survivors in the world today. DellaPergola's estimate is much larger: 1,092,000 survivors.
Both demographers relied on the same standard in terms of defining a Holocaust survivor: Any Jew who lived for any period of time in a country that was ruled by the Nazis or their allies is called a Holocaust survivor (by DellaPergola) or a Nazi victim (by Ukeles).
The gap in the results derives mainly from DellaPergola's decision to count as a survivor Jews who lived in the Holocaust period in North African countries (excluding Egypt), Syria and Lebanon. On his estimate, out of the 600,000 Jews who lived in these countries during the Holocaust period, about a quarter million are alive today, and about 150,000 of them live in Israel. "When I examined reports formulated in the past by Ukeles and other researchers, I found that they simply `forgot' to include these Jews in their lists," says DellaPergola.
TL;DR: these definitions are not limited to people who were in camps or even in Europe.

29:00: the huge densities were more of an exception and were achieved during truly massive actions, like the Hungarian operation, where all gas chambers had to be used at once. For most of the history of the camp the densities were lower than 2000 people per chamber. The matters of foreknowledge, chamber loading, doors and elevators are all discussed in detail here and here.

33:30: the author comically confuses the Auschwitz commandant Hoess with the unrelated Hoettl. This once again perfectly characterizes the author's level of knowledge and "scholarship". The phrases about the 2,5m are from Hoess, his disavowal of the number is from his essay on the Final Solution in Auschwitz.

34:56: on the cremation process and capacities see here, here and here.

39:52: on the swimming pool etc. etc. see here.

41:35: the Larson canard.

43:00: of course Zyklon B was used for delousings. It was also used to kill people in a massive scale, as the documents (documenting the gas chambers in the crematoria - which were not found on the list of delousing installations) and witnesses (including Nazis during the West German trials in the 1960s, where there was not even a whiff of any torture or coercion) agree.


  1. Hello there.
    I really like this website, and I appreciate your rigour, but I can't help but feel like you're sort of preaching to the choir at this point. I think alt-right figureheads know they can't really deny the Holocaust openly without losing a lot of respect, though many continue to do it furtively.

    I feel like the narrative that they are promoting is slowly changing, and many are instead choosing to not deny Hitler's actions, but justify them. Take the Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia and Poland for example; a lot of revisionists will refer to the persecution of ethnic Germans in these countries. Ergo, the invasion of these countries were justified for those as well as other reasons.

    I'm also seeing a lot of revisionists portray the Axis forces as distinctly virtuous, at least compared with the actions of the allied forces, especially the soviets. While I can't deny that the soviets did some heinous shit, as well as the commonwealth and american forces, I feel like this is just some equivocation tactic to try and garner sympathy for the Nazi cause. Is there any evidence to suggest that officers/soldiers of the Nazi armed forces were any more "benevolent" and principled than those of the "barbaric" red army?

  2. There is no evidence whereby Nazi Germany would compare favorably to the USSR in terms of criminal record. You may read about the former's here and the latter's here.

    The Soviets murdered German prisoners of war. The Nazis murdered Soviet prisoners of war in larger numbers, and with more intentionality at top level. German troops also bumped off a great many Soviet soldiers right after they had surrendered.

    Soviet civilians were also killed out of hand in large numbers by German forces including such of the Wehrmacht. Besides the genocide of Jews and Gypsies there was the Nazi struggle against Soviet partisans, with atrocities such as those mentioned here (lock men, women, and children into barns and to set fire to them) and portrayed in the 1985 Soviet film Come and See, which I think is the best war movie ever made (you can watch it on YouTube with subtitles, Part 1 and Part 2.) There was also the kind of violence referred to by Antony Beevor as quoted here:

    A German officer described how shocked he and his soldiers had been when Russian civilians had cheerfully stripped the corpses of their fellow countrymen. Yet German soldiers were taking clothes and boots from living civilians for themselves, then forcing them out into the freezing wastes, in most cases to die of cold and starvation. Senior officers complained that their soldiers looked like Russian peasants, but no sympathy was spared for the victims robbed of their only hope of survival in such conditions. A bullet might have been less cruel.

    On the other side there were the crimes on German soil committed by Red Army soldiers. Horrible stuff, though the most terrifying stories, like the Leonora Geier tale, only happened in the sick minds of extreme-right propagandists. Massive rape is supposed to have been the main behavioral difference between Soviet and German troops, but recent research has revealed that sexual violence by German soldiers was far more common than previously thought.

  3. One thing that applies to both the Red Army and the Wehrmacht is that a minority of soldiers were responsible for a majority of the crimes. About 120,000 German civilians were killed by Soviet troops in the area east of Oder and Neisse, but the Vistula–Oder Offensive alone involved over two million men on the Soviet side. As concerns the Wehrmacht, German historians like Rolf-Dieter Müller estimate that less than 5 % of the troops on the Eastern Front were involved in war crimes.

    Stalin’s Soviet Union, unlike Nazi Germany, did not commit genocide. Otherwise there wasn’t much to choose from between the two.


    You may have a point in that downright denial of Nazi crimes, as opposed to relativizing them, is becoming less fashionable. The latter, as practiced for instance by Australian semi-denier Michael Mills (well known to me and some of my fellow blog authors), tends to be more sophisticated and less monotonous than the primitive no-one-was-ever-gassed blather, and may therefore be more effective in the long run.

  4. Great post, but you know what could be even better? A "Holocaust Controversies" youtube channel!

  5. I have uploaded some videos/slide shows on YouTube:

    Mass Graves at Sobibór

    Nazi Crimes in the USSR (Graphic images!)

    The Atrocities committed by German-Fascists in the USSR (1)

    The Atrocities committed by German Fascists in the USSR (2)

    The Atrocities committed by German Fascists in the USSR (3)

    There is this 3D animation about Treblinka:

    Vernichtungslager Treblinka
    (I only found a reproduction with subtitles in Portuguese).

    Does anybody know any of the video's makers (see credits at the end)?

  6. @Gabi: Ever since the popular youtuber Logan Paul filming a dead body in the Japanese suicide forest incident that occurred around the beginning of this year, Youtube is really cracking down on new uploads with that blasted algorithm of theirs. Videos get flagged or downright removed and channels get community strikes. It makes running anti-denial channels on YT really hard because the algorithm thinks youre spreading denial. Recently I have been running a small youtube channel called "Holocaust Documents" and have had to deal with this BS lately. But older denier videos uploaded years ago on YT, in many instances, are still there with views in the five digits and sometimes even in the six digits.

  7. Found another one called "The greatest lie ever told - The Holocaust - 2015 Documentary HD":

    Props to you if you can sit through that computer voice for close to 80 minutes.

  8. @Roberto

    "Stalin’s Soviet Union, unlike Nazi Germany, did not commit genocide. Otherwise there wasn’t much to choose from between the two."

    Nonsense. The USSR engaged in multiple acts of genocide. Ukrainians were starved, as were Kazakhs, and countless ethnic minorities (Crimean Tatars, Poles, Chechens, Ingush, etc.) were deported from their homelands and died as a result. So yes, the USSR under Stalin did commit genocide, and it did so multiple times against multiple groups of people. Do not make the mistake of trivializing the crimes of the Soviets because the Holocaust was more brutal.

  9. The UN definition of genocide requires an "intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such". While some hypothesize such intent on Stalin's part, it is pretty hard to actually document. Unlike with the Holocaust.

  10. Thank you for your effort to refute all those videos. They are all over YouTube and they need some proper refutation. The people who make these "holohoax" videos have absolutely zero idea about what they are talking about.

    On the other hand, the comments are entertaining to read, so I guess there is a plus after all. :)

  11. If you have time, can you rip apart this pseudo-documentary called "Judea Declares War on Germany" made by Frederick Toban. He basically goes to one of the camps and tries to "debunk" the Holocaust. Would be nice if you can provide even a short rebuttal to that crap.

  12. I guess it would be useful indeed, I've seen it thrown around on Twitter.


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