Monday, November 13, 2006

H.E.A.R.T. defenders and their methods

Recently we've been getting some of the most pornographic, vile, vulgar and libelous messages we've ever seen, both on the blog and by e-mail.

Ironically, these messages were not from our Nazi opponents, who sometimes stoop to this level, but not that often.

They were left by defenders of so-called "H.E.A.R.T." ("Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team",, and all this followed my exposure of H.E.A.R.T. founder Chris Webb's key role in demise of (and intrinsic lack of credibility of his new venture).

Below I will quote some of these messages by a H.E.A.R.T. representative and a H.E.A.R.T. defender (who may be one and the same person).

But if you wish to avoid feeling dirty, better skip this posting. Consider yourself warned.

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According to whois, domain is registered by a certain Carmelo Lisciotto. Lisciotto is a former ARC member, who, according to my conversations with one "neutral" (i.e., not taking sides) ARC member, was forced to leave the group because of an internal conflict.

When ARC broke up, Chris Webb apparently immediately contacted Lisciotto to use him as a webmaster for his new H.E.A.R.T. group.

Some time before my posting, I contacted Lisciotto, and some reciprocal taunting ensued, which later grew into a slightly more constructive discussion, but only for a very short time. When Lisciotto issued a veiled threat that he, knowing some people at Google, can "have sites added or removed almost at will" (in the search engine database), of course, I promised to publish his e-mail if anything happens, after which an accusation that "[m]aking threats is childish" followed (apparently, Lisciotto didn't see any irony here). The next (unprovoked) message was:
dude you must be gay....
Talk about childish behavior.

After the posting was made, and the link was sent to several relevant people (including some notable Holocaust scholars), Lisciotto basically went nuts and posted the following:
Hey Idiot,
Does posting peoples names on blogs like a silly little faggot from where ever the fuck you are from make you happy?
I think your daddy must have stuck his finger up your ass way too many times when you were a child.

If you wish to knock on another website fine, when you start publishing peoples names and copies of emails that were never meant for public circulation you've crossed the line.

You, Nick terry and the other blogging faggots need to cut the shit and get on with your lives.

If you meet me in person you will be doing a lot of apologizing that I can assure you.
After realizing that he had sent his bigoted rant accidentally to a large group of people, including serious mainstream scholars, he was quick to issue an "apology", though the deed was done and couldn't be reverted.

That wasn't enough for Lisciotto, who, posting anonymously as "Holoscholar" has left the following comment under the post in question:
Hey Sergey, do you ever spend time with a cock up your ass?
He quickly deleted it, but, of course, all comments also arrive to us by e-mail, so it was rather pointless.

Lisciotto's obsession with "gays", "faggots" and "cocks up asses" may be explained rather easily (Usenet remembers everything...), and it shows him to be a hypocrite (especially considering his political conservatism and alleged Christianity).

Since "Holoscholar's" blog is set up as an official H.E.A.R.T. outlet, it is fair to say that he (Lisciotto) is a H.E.A.R.T. representative.

Now you can judge H.E.A.R.T.'s credibility also by the words of its representative.

Apparently realizing that he is harming his cause more than helping it, "Holoscholar" has disappeared from the thread in question. Instead, a certain "Robert James Jones JR." appeared (account created in October, obviously specifically to troll at this blog). Judging by the style, and by the fact that nobody but Lisciotto would have a greater motive to troll here, I suspect just who that "Robert James Jones JR." is. But judge for yourself.

RJJR began spamming the thread with libelous accusations, which really need no comment. Here are some of them:
mr sergee I've recieved more reports of other Holocaust Survivors you have abused and degraded. Is this a habit with you?

Sergey Romanov the abuser of innocent Holocaust victims.

Truly a disgusting man you are. Does Nick Terry also abuse holocaust victims and survivors?

Quite a disgusting group and digusting blog this is....

Again you have made a post about having a "cock in your ass" that is how many post that YOU HAVE MADE that have that line reprinted in it.
Is that you subtle way of being an exhibitionist?

Mr sergeee Mr sergee....
It is so interesting to watch you 3 idiots attempt to bait me into a debate.
The original post shows Sergee and Nic terri getting "kicked out" of the ARC group.
(It shows nothing of the sort, BTW.)
They clearly don't want you or to be associated with your HOLOCUST DENIAL BLOG
How many more Jews and Holocaust survivors will you attack and abuse Mr. Sergey Romanov?
How much more suffering will you and Nick Terry of cause to the victims of the holocaust with your revisionist lies???
The three of you should combine your IQ's and come up as a single idiot and stead of three. It would be more economical, and the cock would then be in all your asses :)
It is my understanding that this Neo Nazi Sergey Romanov even went so far as to publicly attack a Holocaust Survivor and belittle and degrade the man. All of this for what end?
What is the purpose of all of this Facist style hatred? reads like a chapter of DER STURMER.

Is sergee mr Streicher now?

Such a den of iniquity as this shameful lying blog is a scar of all those who choose to respect the victims of the Holocaust.
It should be fairly obvious as to the reason that Nick Terry Sergey Romanov were kicked out of the a r c webgroup, they were exposed for being deniers, and holding memberships in revisionist organizations against the charter of the arc board. Thus they were shown the door. That then spurred this attacking revisionist block article that here on this revisionist blog
Certainly I have never come across such a vipers nest of holocaust denial and revision as this blog
I feel very sorry for you mr terri and mr sergee that you would stoop to such low levels and attack a holocaust treasure for your twisted goals.

May I ask you one question? Do you make some monies from this type of activities? Why do you put so much effort into destruction? Did not the Nazi's do enough of that on their own? Or are you part of that mindset only hiding it so well to trick people?
But the venom you unleash is self evident and one doesn't need a bloodhound to smell the that there is most definitely something fishy about your group of people mr sergee and mr terri.

Hiding behind the guise of fighting holocaust denial when your true intentions is rewrite truth is clearly shown
Etc., etc., etc.

Now, there are two options. Either this is the same H.E.A.R.T. representative - and then what this tells us about this group? Or this is an "average" H.E.A.R.T. defender, which also doesn't reflect well on the credibility of the above group.

Later developments: H.E.A.R.T. defenders and their methods (cont.).


  1. Tsk, tsk, tsk, Carmelo. You have been a naughty boy! Daddy needs to punish you! Now bend over and shut up! This is an order! :-)

  2. EW! I feel disgusted living near that sick fuck!

  3. Here's how Lisciotto has been characterized at alt.religion.wicca in 1997:

    "Don't worry about Cornholio (as I like to call him), and most of all do not reply to him. Carmelo Lisciotto is a man who lives in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. He posts on this group as a Christian preacher---but did you know that he posts to Christian groups as a satanist? We all wondered why until someone found him posting on a BDSM group advertising for someone to humiliate him. Seems he gets sexual thrills from being flamed---he whacks off to the flames (Eww). This is why flaming only encourages him. If you see his posts-----DO NOT RESPOND and update das Killfile."

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. "Nick Terry and Sergey Romanov exposed for the Anti-Semites and Revisionists they are.

    They must not have realized they couldn't delete these blogs they created. Filthy Revisionists they are"

    That's almost brilliant 'Robert'. I don't know whether I want to laugh or vomit.

  6. Naughty boy, Cornholio, naughty boy!

  7. As one of the people who runs this blog, I think this "Robert Jones Jr." whatever guy needs a *serious* ass-kicking.


  8. He'S only gonna enjoy that, Andrew :-)

  9. Which is not to say I would not enjoy doling said ass-kicking out...


  10. Mutual benefit and understanding. Isn't that what makes life worth living. Group hug, everybody! :-)

  11. The sick fuck Carmelo obviously made that post about Sergey and Nick up. The clue that gives lil' Carmelo away is that Sergey's username has NO capitals in it. Carmelo's pathetic lying blog has the "S" in Sergey and "R" in Romanov capitalized.
    Carmelo's just upset because he was exposed for the raging, disgusting bisexuel that he was.
    I was beginning to wonder, you know, what's up with "Robert James Jones Jr's" obsession with cocks and asses and faggots' and the comment about a finger going up in someone's ass? Maybe because he practices that with his "master"..?

  12. RJJR's comment deleted because he's banned.


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