Saturday, November 11, 2006

My, oh my

Roberto single-handedly crushes that cesspit known as Stormfront.

I especially liked this bit from pompous ass with the nickname "SirMosley":
(impossible, of course, since the 2km2 pits, once dug, are visible 24-7).
Almost nobody would expect high intelligence from a WN, but, frankly, I expect even a schoolboy to know that, as Roberto pointed out, 2200 m2 equals 0.0022 km2



    Apparantly over 50% of stormfront believes that Hitler was a true visionary. Oh, and they 'heil' him as well.

  2. Totally offtopic here, but what the hell: congratulations about your time machine, guys! How will it be in September, 2007?


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