Monday, January 25, 2010

Carmelo Does CODOH!

Very fittingly, Carmelo Lisciotto (of descended into the Cesspit to promote his fake blogs there.

Clickie here, here or here. [Note: links expired, see screenshots below]

Dr. Terry immediately sets him straight:
Hi Carmelo,

I'm surprised you are still crusading about something that happened in 2006, and on a revisionist site to boot, or did you switch sides? You used to put up fake blogs claiming that Sergey Romanov was a Holocaust denier, yet here you are on CODOH talking about 'hoaxers' running the ARC site.

Incidentally, I was merely a collateral casualty of a feud between other people. I belonged to the ARC group for a few months, contributed nothing, and lost nothing much when I was histrionically booted out for having done absolutely nothing. Can't say I particularly care, but evidently the internet is such a serious business for you that you do.
And poor Cesspit Clown Carto's Cutlass Supreme is aloof and out of touch, as usual:
I have to say that someone starting to imitate and confuse with seems dishonest to me.
That would be dishonest indeed, if not for the fact that was set up by ARC members who disagreed with Chris Webb's and Carmelo Lisciotto's policy of promoting fake documents on (as described here). The intent was to preserve the authentic information, cleared from "Andy Schmidt's" forgeries.

Carmelo Lisciotto should stay at CODOH. Holocaust deniers are a fitting company for him.

PS: Carmelo's spam was deleted, as had been expected. Here's a screenshot of just one of his spam messages, in which Lisciotto tries to suck up to Holocaust deniers and to attack Dr. Nicholas Terry:


Here is another, in which Carmelo promotes his fake blogs:

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