Wednesday, December 30, 2009

An enjoyable discussion ...

... developed in the CODOH Cesspit when the poster "Wahrheit" launched the following challenge:

Going off of Bradley Smith's popular challenge, I was wondering if any revisionist here is able to provide, with proof, the name of a single person who was deloused and shipped off the the occupied Soviet territories (or some other resettlement area) from 'transit camp' Treblinka?

This is a very crucial question for revisionists to answer. As leading researcher Carlo Mattogno maintains:

Since Treblinka was much too small to be able to accommodate the large number of Jews deported there at the same time, the transit camp thesis is, in fact, the single plausible alternative to the conventional picture of the extermination camp. Tertium non datur - no third possibility is given.

Unfortunately, Mattogno is not able to meet this challenge.

Greg Gerdes similarly maintains from his NAFCASH website:

THE TRUTH – Treblinka was a transit camp and the so called gas chambers were, in reality, DELOUSING FACILITIES designed to protect the health and prolong the lives of the shameless liars who fraudulently claimed to be the victims of a genocidal extermination program. Remember, there are only two options: extermination center (for those who believe in magic) or transit camp (for those who believe in the scientific method). There is no third option and only one truth.

Yet no names are given.

I'd even be willing to accept evidence of transports travelling from Treblinka to a specified resettlement area (no need for specific names). Surely this challenge is much easier than the similar one that Bradley Smith poses to Holocaust traditionalists, as the people in question would be alive (somewhere), and leave a much larger trace than any silent and cremated corpse.

Perhaps some witness testimony of the resettlement? Post-war memoirs of life in the newly established lands?

I'd be interested to see what everyone has to offer.

With the praiseworthy exception of "Lamprecht", the CODOH folks essentially reacted by trying to change the subject, their replies ranging from the comparatively intelligent posts of "Lohengrin" to the gibbering imbecility of Greg Gerdes' repetitive "show me/prove this and that" - rhetoric. Gerdes is obviously still haunted by his well-documented cowardice and the opponent who exposed it time and over again – self-projecting accusations such as "I'm sure Wahrheit will continue with his Muehlenkamp like cowardly evasion of all inconvenient questions and facts and refuse to answer your pertinent questions, just like he's running away from my pertinent questions" suggest that I still figure prominently in the nightmares of this deplorable subject, whose mirror-imaging of my admonishments (I have often pointed out his running away from my pertinent questions) is also duly noted.

On page 4 of the thread, the otherwise ridiculously hysterical "Gébé Tremblay" (who had earlier accused "Wahrheit" of "calomny" and of being "intellectually dishonest" - he was not the only one to come up with such crap) produced the following memorable statement:

by Gébé Tremblay » Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:04 am

Lamprecht wrote:On the contrary, Greg Gerdes, who posted in this thread, said:
"Treblinka was a transit camp"
See the full quote in the OP.

He is making the claim that it is a transit camp.

Greg Gerdes dont represent all revisionists.

While it's not exactly true that Gerdes' "transit camp" rubbish is not representative (as pointed out earlier by "Lamprecht", quoting Mattogno&Graf, and later by "Wahrheit"), it is fun to see yet another "Revisionist" true believer apparently beginning to distance himself from my old friend Gerdes (whose panicky hollering can also be witnessed on the CODOH threads Muehlenkamp and Mermelstein, Muehlenkamp does Belzec/Chelmno and The Famous THIRTY TREBLINKA QUESTIONS, by the way - among other threads mentioned in my blogs Muehlenkamp-mania in the Cesspit, So what’s happened in the Cesspit since I last looked in? and Reactions in the Cesspit ...).

Kudus to "Wahrheit" for introducing a rare breeze of common sense into the stuffy air of CODOH lunacy. I'd love to give him a hand over there, but I'm not allowed to post on CODOH (see the RODOH thread The Memory Hole Festival goes on ... for the story behind my being banned from that lovely place). And he seems to be doing fine on his own anyway.

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