Saturday, December 05, 2009

So what’s happened in the Cesspit since I last looked in?

Not much, as usual. Just some more amusing showpieces of “Revisionist” brain damage and/or mendacity.

In his post of Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:02 pm, my good friend "Drew J" shows how pathetically obsessed he is with my humble person, as he mouths off about a blog written by Sergey Romanov as if it had been written by me.

It’s not the first time he has done this: on the thread Eleanora Hodys (which contains an interesting discussion between "Reinhard" and the more level-headed "Germania") the poor soul attributed this article of Sergey’s to "Muehlenkamp".

I must still be showing up in poor Drew J’s nightmares, as is also suggested by his harking back to discussions from the Cesspit's Muehlenkamp-mania phase on his thread Wolzek = Sobibor? Monowitz = Birkenau?.

In his latest post, Drew J starts out by making Sergey’s caveat about a recap of Demjanjuk’s history before the recent trial:

Here's a decent recap of Demjanjuk's history before this trial from them (although it gets numerous historical details incorrect, like saying that 1.5 million people were killed in Majdanek instead of about 80,000):

into this:

Interesting how he admits that millions weren't killed at Majdanek.

Yawn. As if any HC blogger had ever written anything suggesting that he accepted the overblown Soviet estimate of the Majdanek death toll. Drew J is setting up a straw-man so obvious that one can only fell sorry for his stupidity.

And what follows is no better: after some brainless bitching about another of Sergey’s articles (also written by "Muehlenkamp", of course), he goes into a rabid tirade against all those "liars" and tops it off with a lengthy quote about his favorite guru Joseph G. Burg's testimony at the Zündel trial – because, you see, all eyewitnesses to mass killing in Nazi extermination camps are inveterate liars but a "Revisionist" fanatic's gibberish is the gospel truth, in the cloud-cuckoo-land of other "Revisionist" fanatics.

This particular fanatic's blockheaded belief system (or his utter lack of honesty) shows most prominently as Drew J proclaims that "archaeologists" went to Treblinka and found "no evidence of soil or ground disturbance". We know what "archaeologists" he is talking about: a "Revisionist" wacko by the name of Richard Krege, who never published a report about his alleged world-moving finds because – as suggested by the analysis of his scans by GPR expert Lawrence B. Conyers and others – he must have realized that he had come upon the very soil disturbances compatible with mass graves that he had hoped not to find. And what's especially funny is that Drew J supports his claim with a link to the laughably hysterical website of his fellow cretin Greg Gerdes' fraudulent "association", from where references to Mr. Krege’s "archaeological" exploits have interestingly been removed

However, there are also some moments of sanity or almost-sanity on the Cesspit. One was when a newcomer who calls himself "AHolland" asked the following question in his post of Sat Nov 21, 2009 4:48 pm on the thread Muehlenkamp and Mermelstein:

I'm sorry I am quite new to this but this question pops up in my head: Scientifically you have the obligation to consider the reversed question:

Can you show they are not the remains of human bodies smashed to pieces?

As a large part of the world (arguably the majority) does seem to accept the Holocaust, is it not the obligation of those who deny it to refute THEIR arguments instead of asking them for proof? I think this might be a more effective and more convincing approach.

Apart from the lame attempt of "tyger" to tar positions supported by all known evidence and contradicted by none with the "argumentum ad ignorantiam" brush, the response to the questions of "AHolland" was deafening silence.

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