Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hargis on White Pride

Some of you guys seem to want to label such things as white pride 'racist' while ignoring the fact that the 'holocaust' lie is a racist lie against those of European lineage, aka 'whites'. The promoters of the absurd 'holocaust' are racist. I see very few here who seem to realize that.


I do understand your point and we try to avoid that at this forum. But also, I think it's fair and reasonable to expect those with a European background to react to what is clearly a racist attack upon them. For every other group, racial consciousness is not only accepted, but encouraged; there should be no double standard.

The expression goes:'Those that fail to protect and nurture their own are destined to be ruled by those that do'.


  1. Follow Ups:

    CODOH is not happy about our postings concerning white nationalism.


    Lamprecht claims that this site is racist against whites:


    However, the site states:

    "First off, we do not hate white people and we do not consider all white people to be white supremacists! We know that there are good and bad people in all races. We know that a lot of good white people helped bring about a lot of the civil rights that we have today."

    Imagine a CODOH/Stormfront poster saying this of Jews?

  2. Don't the vast majority of stormfronters claim they are not racist or supremacists?

    I urge you to open a thread on the forum and ask them yourself.

    The Mexica Movement is similar to the White Nationalist movement in various ways, JH.


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