Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More From Veronica Clark: Extermination Was Justified

Veronica spells out the 'Christian' basis of her support for Hitler here:
If Hitler did indeed order the mass extermination of the Jewish race, then there are three ways of looking at this decision.

From a Christian perspective, if Hitler truly believed that the Jewish people were “the children of the Devil,”—as Jesus described them to be—and he really felt that he was doing “the work of the Lord,” he would have to be considered justified in his actions.


  1. That's pretty messed up. Even by racist, White Supremacist/Nationalist standards. I mean wasn't genocide contrary to Christ's teachings. Not to mention the fact that Jesus was Jewish really puts a logical dent in Veronica's idea of "Christian ethics".

    Then again, "Christian ethics" can be messed up depending on who you talk to. Of course there is also the idea that the biblical messiah, Jesus, was not Jewish at all but that's another story. >_>

  2. This quote has been taken out of context Mr Hairrson. Perhaps you should include the entire paragraph to be more balanced in your presentation here?

    I thought you'd find this interesting:

    Incidentally, I've been a member of the SPLC since 2009. I'm also 0.1% Ashkenazi (per

    Take care.

  3. Mr Harrison,

    I requested that one of these goybiscuit writers post his request to me here so we'll see if he does.

    Here is what he wrote about my comment above:


    PS- the music is a demonstration of why Miss Clark is so impressed with Bill Kaulit, who basically looks to me like a groomed illuminati puppet like Miley Cyrus.

    a blog post by Veronica K Clark with commentary from me-Mind Control Slave

    VKC’s full article is worth a read and can be found here nazi (waiting for Veronikha to drop her ADL membership,”C’mon! You know you want to!”)

    PPS- I came upon the original article by following a link at the beginning of this piece; here is the exchange below where Veronikha uses a link to this site to back up her ” I love Jews” credentials (note to Veronica, we moved that article to here . I continue, after reading the original piece to wonder what possessed Miss Clark to cater to Jewish holocaust paranoia and I find it particularly interesting her deep evaluations about Aryan-Christians while her critques on Jews are minimal as is focussing on their proclivity to slaughter non-Jews as if they were just animals, which I don’t advocate slaughtering either, nor did Hitler, by the way. (billkaulitzfan is VKC) also, I notice on her blog a link Veronikha provides to her paid for subscription to a Jewish publication, I just add up the bits and pieces veronikha exhibits and it all comes out as a person who supports Jewish supremacism, working as a 3rd tier operator URL: note the words “premium”-this allows Veronikha to share a specific page on her premium account but notice the viewer that follows the link can not go anywhere else-it is a paid subscription similar to her other acknowledged ADL membership- what else you got in the closet, Veronikha?



    For some reason this post was brought up by this biscuit site to impugn me as an "ADL member" and "covert Jew".

  4. Mr Harrison & Co,

    I thought you'd find the 2014 drama-rama warap-up exposing h'wite nationalism and the "troof movement" interesting:

    The "troofer" underworld:

    Clearly ya'll have nothing to worry about given this reality. These idiots all think I'm an ADL and SPLC "agent". Don't ask me...

  5. It's just like a subverter to pose a question about the holocaust that is a lose-lose answer for goyim, lol- leave it to Veronikha or whatever her new Brandon like ID she has adopted. VKC? I will be hunting your new name subverter ID, you can count on it and V, why do I need to come here to address a question when you can post it on my website?You relaxed your guard thinking the goy were in a slumber, now come on admit it! I understand your strategy, you feel more at home on a Jew owned site than a Hitler loving goy site, got that ;)


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