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Webb/Lisciotto update

Those of you who have followed the ARC/ tragicomic saga, may find the following letters by Carmelo Lisciotto and Chris Webb sent to German 1&1, to be of some comic relief. Some people (like the owners of the Axis History Forum) may even consider taking legal action, because this pair of lying thugs libels them - and many other people.

You will also note that Webb has had a book "published" with "Andy Schmidt" in 2005. Two facts are significant here: 1) Andy Schmidt is the very forgerer exposed by me, whose forgeries Chris Webb tried to peddle to the ARC group, and which caused the demise of ARC; 2) until Webb wrote this letter, nobody in ARC knew anything about his books (which, he claims, are based on the site!), this fact being yet another clear testimony about the level of his honesty and integrity.

Thankfully, German 1&1 didn't give much weight to their laughable "evidence".

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"Carmelo A. Lisciotto" wrote:

[1&1 official name omitted],

Our website is registered with the US office of copyright, the confirmation# is
U.S. Copyright Office Confirmation (ORD8368). shows links to Axis History Forum ( a
neo-nazi website) <-- is a fraudulent support
page where people who donated to ARC are listed as
donors to this counterfeit website with neo-nazi links.
In addition we've sent by email, fax and postal letters, over 10 pieces of
evidence that validate our authorship and ownership, we've asked what
supporting evidence was provided by the counterfeit website, we were given
no response by 1and1.

We've provided enough evidence to allow the counterfeit website to be
removed. Should the owner of the bogus site Stephan Their wish to contest
our copyright the onus is on him to pursue that in a court of law, 1and1
would be acting in accordance with acceptable use policy by removing this
fraudulent site.

Regrettably, 1and1, and it's German affiliates have handled this matter
poorly, and in direct contradiction to your own posted Terms of Service.

This matter is far from settled, we've sent DMCA notifications to 1and1, we
were ignored, this matter is being referred to our legal counsel for
arbitration in US courts, and EU courts. In addtion we have consulted with
our contacts at the BBC, USHMM, CNN and are making this story public.

By no means will ARC consider this matter settled while a
counterfeit version of our website with links to neo-nazi groups and
fraudulent financial solicitations appears on your servers.

We are fully prepared to take this matter to great lengths until this matter
is brought to an acceptable resolution.

Thus far, 1and1 has by all measures appeared to be sympathetic to this
counterfeit website with nothing but anecdotal statements offered up by the

We can not allow our supporters and contributors to be so rudely


Chris Webb and Carmelo Lisciotto

Von: Chris Webb
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2007 16:08
Betreff: Re: C74876943 Re: 1and1 Germany appearing to be sympathetic to Neo-Nazi and Holocaust revisionists, and website counterfeiters...

Dear [1&1 official name omitted],

Thank you very much for your email.

We thought that we had sent you a plethora of proof, whilst the other party, in the shape of Mr. Their provided you with nothing, as confirmed by your own people.

I attach the catalogue record from the Wiener Library in London, of a book i produced from the ARC website, and material culled from my own privatearchive collected over the past 35 years.

If you type in the online search on the Wiener Library online catalogue, you will see the book i produced on Treblinka, and you will note the link to

I hope that this provides the sort of proof you are looking for.

We understand there is a natural tendency to support neighbours, but unless Mr. Thier can provide similiar evidence, it would seem to me, that the claims are justified, and you do sympathise with neo-nazis and holocuast revisionists, in the face of a mountain of counter evidence.

Once again we draw your attention to the dates, the original site established in 2002 with 1and 1 and the counterfeit site being established in 2006, this book was produced in 2005.

We rest our case, and we hope you will do the right thing, as outlined in Mr Lisciotto's earlier email.

We are very disappointed in 1and1de stance, but not surprised.


Chris Webb

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