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Scrapbookpages' owner on Mattogno

Note - since this article had been written, the Scrapbookpages author's denial and neo-Nazi sympathies became even more open on the official blog linked to from the Scrapbookpages front page, as is summarized in these updates:

Update from 10.02.2018: The Scrapbookpages author has become quite explicit in her Holocaust denial:
Will I be next? My blog is nothing but Holocaust denial.
[archival link]

Update from 17.05.2018Another example of the Scrapbookpages author Gen Baugher's neo-Nazi mindset:
Dear readers: You must get over the idea that the Jews were good and the Nazis were bad. The Jews were lying, stealing and cheating, while the Nazis were trying to save Germany from the Jews. 
[archival link]

The Holocaust denial website "" is known for masking itself as a mainstream Holocaust/Nazi crimes website. This was less obvious about 10 years ago, when the owner of the website was dropping Holocaust denial hints here and there (like including the subtle references to the Leuchter report in the "title" HTML tag) and gathering all the usual stuff from the margins of the Nazi period history that the deniers are so fond of, presenting it in a deadpan manner designed to cause "doubt" among the less aware. Since then the "hints" on the website itself have become much more blatant, with the author sometimes openly linking to deniers' articles. So, more people have been noticing. The links to the website appear to have been mostly scrapped from Wikipedia (and that they had been there in the first place shows one of the main problems with wiki - seems like it's easy to fool an average editor).

Anyway, Scrapbookpages has an official blog (the link to it is on the front page) and here the author writes in a much more explicit, blatant and mocking manner. Just one example will suffice:
I was no more than 6 years old when I first learned about the Gypsies. [The correct term for these people is Roma and Sinti.] The word Gypsy comes from a term that was made up for them because, traditionally, the Gypsies don’t work — they gyp people. 
[Ehhhm, nope! ~ SR] 
The Gypsies were also accused of stealing children; that’s why my mother warned me to beware of Gypsies.
Years ago, when I went on a tour that was led by a Jewish tour guide, I was warned to wear my backpack in the front, so that Gypsy fingers would not find their way into my backpack.
The poor innocent Gypsies were Holocausted by the Nazis, for no reason at all, the same as the Jews.
 This is her usual style.

Anyway, there are loads and loads of stuff like this at her blog, some more, some less explicit. But what this pro-fascist clownesse wrote about the Holocaust denier Mattogno has caught my eye:
There has been some discussion in the comments section of my blog about this event. I thought that the famous Erntefest was a proven fact, but others have doubted it.
I finally did a search to find out what Carlo Mattogno has to say about it. I consider Mattogno to be the foremost Holocaust revisionist and the most reliable Holocaust historian, because he seems to me to be completely unbiased. Not that other revisionists are biased, but Mattogno is noted for being completely unbiased.

She goes on to quote another antisemitic "revisionist" liar, Jürgen Graf, who claims to have refuted (together with Mattogno) "the myth of the homicidal gas chambers as well as the legend of the mass shooting allegedly perpetrated in November 1943", to which the Scrapbookpages owner adds:
If Mattogno refutes the “legend” of the mass shooting, that’s good enough for me.
No further comment necessary.


  1. I go there and post comments to annoy her and her disciples. It's fun.
    She has changed a great deal just in the last year. Her denial tendencies have pushed to the
    forefront, back when I first started commenting there she was more subtle.
    A lot of well-known deniers post comments there, Germar Rudolf, Fritz Berg, Jim Rizoli, Toben, Carolyn Yeager, Jett Rucker. Even the Wabbit makes an appearance now and again.

  2. In other words, a dumpster fire of a blog/site.

  3. And of course the old Nazi (wait, should I be PC and use "alt right" instead, LOL?) can't help herself and lies in the very first sentence:

    "was Treblinka, a camp in Poland where it is claimed, by Holocaust True Believers, that millions of Jews were killed"

    1. I made a point of showing her that she was incorrect on this. She tried to pass it off as "True Belivers" believe this. I corrected her again.
      There is much babbling about Krege going on now.

    2. J Kelly, she obviously also can't provide any evidence of the resettlement. None of them can. Mattogno et al. were unable to cite any evidence of it in their comical non-response to our destruction of their pile of pulp - which means that they lost by default, everything else notwithstanding. It's a sine qua non of the HD.

      Baugher is apparently utterly unaware that very few transports did pass the AR camps on their way elsewhere (not to the Soviet territories).

      She's around 83 now so she'll probably die as stupid and ignorant as she is now.

  4. She seems to be a few sandwiches short of a picnic, like Hannover.

  5. So just to name the elephant in the room, am I correct in assuming scrapbookpages and furtherglory are run by Carolyn Yeager?

    1. No, her name is Gen Baugher.
      Yeager doesn't have the brains to be subtle.

  6. Aaron, I took a look at your blog. You're doing a nice job of distilling the basics for the YouTube generation ;)

    I don't have time for a detailed review, but a couple of points:

    1. Consider dropping the incorrect "11 million" meme.

    2. The Magirus photo does not show a homicidal gas van, at most a disinfestation van. There are no known photos of gas vans and there were no known gas vans captured by the Allies.

    Also, most of your links are in some unclickable state.

  7. Thanks, I have added your link to my post in question.

    Considering 11 million, calling it a "meme" would rather be the kind of downplaying terminology I'd expect from the other side. As Roberto in his part 2 tallied, the destruction of Soviet POWs makes up the bulk of it and indeed, 11 million is a low estimate but I stuck to the figure as it is more popular than the upto 14 million:

    1. The 11 million number shouldn't be used. It is based on the idea of 5 million non-Jewish victims which was a Myth created by Wiesenthal.

      Depending on how one describes a victims we will find that there is ether less then 1 million non Jewish victims. (Romani + Disabled)

      Or more then 5 million. I.e. Example Robertos calculation.

  8. Well, it is a meme, a made up one and an incorrect one at that.

  9. meme ‎(plural memes)

    1. Any unit of cultural information, such as a practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another in a comparable way to the transmission of genes.
    2. (Internet, slang) Something that is copied and circulated online with slight adaptations, including quizzes, basic pictures, video templates etc.

    ~ wiktionary

    11 million is a classic meme (the first meaning).


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