Wednesday, February 15, 2017

CODOH zombies on the Holocaust-denying Scrapbookpages website and its blog

Author: Sergey Romanov
We have already written on the crypto-denial website "Scrapbookpages". Now a thread appeared at CODOH where its denizens offer praise, as well as benign criticisms, of the site and the blog.

Here is a selection of what the CODOH zombies (so-called due to their brainless nature) have to say about it (excerpts):

Zombie #1:
I've been reading this lady's blogs on the holocaust for some years. They are never less than well written and engaging and usually I learn something and that's got to be a good thing. If you are new to the subject or haven't heard of her work you will be pleasantly entertained and informed.
Zombie #2:
I've seen this blog too, and I agree that it looks like it's a great revisionist resource.
Zombie #3:
I've read the blog off an on over the years. Borjastick is up on things because he knows it's run by a woman. That wasn't known till a couple of months ago. Everyone thought she was a man and she said she cultivated that image in the tradition of other writers who have done that.
Scrapbookpages website and furtherglory blog has valuable information on many holocaust topics. Particularly on the Americans coming into Dachau and other camps and issues in the West. Lots of original content and often the best source anywhere. The author has corresponded with people who went into the camps who found the furtherglory website and then contacted her. It's a trove of important investigations.
But lamentably, with the strategy of being crypto-revisionist in hopes of not turning people off, (and quite possibly out of fear of being honest about what you really think on this taboo subject) the crypto element just ends up being confusing. This topic is hard enough to understand with direct speech; so if one is being crypto: Throwing out a little piece of evidence here and there about what a myth the holocaust is, and in the same article reiterating that the holocaust happened. Well I don't think it works that well, and is confusing, and that was her modus operandi. The subtlety of crypto revisionism: I don't think it's a tactic that leads that many people to realize the holocaust is a myth. I think ultimately there were many teens that found her website for the holocaust report they were writing for social studies class, because it is often the first or second google result for a lot of holocaust related topics. And even though the bones were thrown in, that is the hints that the holocaust is a myth, my guess is it was so crypto that students used the site for reports and never doubted the holocaust in the process.
Note: that the Holocaust-denying author of Scrapbookpages is a woman hasn't been a secret for over a decade.  But nice of this zombie admitting that the woman is a damned liar.

Zombie #4 points out a recent post in which the Scrapbookpages author confesses to being a denier:
The website page, cited above, was written before I became a Holocaust denier.
However the Scrapbookpages author is being deceptive, since we've known her as a denier for far longer than 7 years.

PS: As a bonus, here is what the old neo-Nazi wrote in another recent posting:
Today I read a news article, which tells about a “Twitter account which lists hundreds of Jews who were killed after being refused entry to the US”.
I knew that this was a reference to the Jews on the ship named the Saint Louis, which was turned away from the USA and forced to return to Europe. In the past, I have written about the ship named the St. Louis, but I can’t find the link now.
Back then, no country wanted the Jews. I wonder why? Is it because Jews lie, steal and cheat? Why not blame the Jews for their behavior instead of blaming the people who don’t like being cheated and lied to.


The Black Rabbit of Inlé said...

The influential online encyclopedia Jewish Virtual Library clearly thinks articles by the owner of SBP are worth acquiring/plagiarising and republishing.

Compare JVL's articles on Majdanek to those on SBP; they're complete C&P jobs, with a little rearranging, cropping, or rephrasing in instances.

Sergey Romanov said...

That's sad and does not reflect well on the JVL.