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Richard Widmann and Verohnika Clark (Amended)

Originally posted: 24 Dec 2009; amended 2 January 2010.

Richard A. Widmann recently made this statement concerning his new journal:
Inconvenient History attempts to return to the roots of revisionism without any political agenda or desire to white wash totalitarian regimes.
This statement can be shown to be false.

Several of the journal's contributors have an antisemitic agenda but the most extreme is Verohnika Clark, whom Widmann has published under the Anglicized pen name Veronica Clark.

In 2006, Clark founded the Adolf Hitler Research Society. In the same year, she wrote:
The now over one million registered [Ain, 1993] alleged "Holocaust survivors" ought to be utterly disgusted with themselves, and completely ashamed for being so utterly unforgiving of Hitler and Germany's sacrifices to them during the Second World War. They really probably should have been left for dead, as opposed to saved by the fleeing SS.
In 2007, Clark wrote:
Jews are subhuman shit-trash.

There. I said it because no one else has the gonads. Would I ever call for a genocide against Jews? Well, if I was President of Los Estados Unidos, then, "Yes, I would." I would bomb the living sh*t out of Tel Aviv and cut off all funding to all Jews. I would string up their circus leaders-Chertoffsky would dangle from a rope. So would Bush, Levy, Feinstein, Feingold, Boxer, Schumer, Lieberman, Clinton, and all the other Jewish and crypto-Jewish rat-bags in the Jewmerican government.
Unsurprisingly, Clark is supported by Fritz Berg, who gave her this introduction:
Our next speaker is Verohnika Clark.She is a Christian, and an admirer of Adolf Hitler.I myself am a pagan, but I am also an admirer of Adolf Hitler.If it had not been for Adolf Hitler, we would all be living under communism today if we would be living at all.What saved the west after World War 2 was the atomic bomb-but without the atomic bomb and before the end of World War 2, what saved western civilization was Adolf Hitler.Although Ms. Clark and I have religious differences--both she and I are revisionists.
Ms. Verohnika Clark understands Hitler better than anyone I know.It was only about four years ago that she made Hitler the focus of her research and writing.One of her most important discoveries is that Hitler was a Christian-but not a typical Christian.Hitler was a Christian revisionist searching for, and finding, new meaning in the Christian message.Ms. Clark has two excellent websites about Hitler which she created in just the last year and manages entirely on her own.In just the last six months, she has written more than a hundred, truly superb essays, breaking new ground in many cases-and they all appear on her websites.It is within those essays that I have detected, an enormous growth within her not only as a revisionist, but as a person-and that should inspire us all.The very act of being a revisionist activist, wrestling with the historical evidence and her own thoughts and very being has, I dare say, made her grow and evolve spiritually.She has certainly inspired me.She is from California-that oh-so strange place to the west.I had to mention that because Ms. Clark also happens to have an Associate Arts Degree in diesel automotive technology-as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in global political science.
On April 30th, 2009, Clark made an appearance on this radio show using the pseudonyms Emma Goldmann and Emma Peters, which she also used as an administrator of the Adolf Hitler site. The interview can be heard here. Fritz Berg links to 'Emma' on this Cesspit thread, and quotes this text:
Emma: The bloodiest, longest-lasting war in Europe. The Catholic Church played a prominent role in the bloodletting of this period. Not surprisingly, several popes were ethnic Jews.
Such obvious Nazi links, and such a nutcase writing and radio history, can only make Clark a counter-productive presence on Widmann's journal. So why does Widmann publish her? Could it perhaps be that Widmann's own views sympathize with hers? In 2007, Widmann wrote:
Today White culture and European heritage are denounced for being ultimately responsible for the thinking and the ideologies that resulted in the Holocaust. In the heart of our nation's capital, in Washington DC, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was founded. One of the first exhibits that one is confronted by in the museum is a video, which condemns 2,000 years of anti-Semitism, which it alleges, resulted in the Holocaust. This is to say, Christianity (with its 2,000 years of history) is ultimately responsible for Auschwitz.
Furthermore, in the same article, Widmann claimed that Holocaust historiography and commemoration were responsible for the USA's 'moral degeneracy':
A recent example is the heroic status awarded to Oskar Schindler, a morally bankrupt individual who made his living off of slave-labor, cheated on his spouse, and was a traitor to his country. (11)The application of such lessons to American culture can only result in its continuing moral degeneracy and ruin.
Widmann ignores the fact that his preferred heroes, Christopher Columbus and George Washington, also earned money from slavery. This blatant double standard can only exist in the mind of someone who regards 'Jewish influence' as the real problem.

UPDATE January 2nd 2010: I have amended my description of Clark from 'white nationalist' to 'neo-Nazi' in the light of subsequent research. Her radio interview, linked above, expresses conflicts between herself and white nationalists, including a heated conversation with Tom Metzger, discussed by white nationalist nutcases here and here. I have added some additional links, as the ones I originally posted to the AHRS site are currently password protected.


  1. Can you supply a way to prove the authenticity of the quote about "subhuman shit-trash"?

    Miss Kuzniar-Clark is now claiming that she never said this, and your trustworthiness as a blogger is being impugned.

  2. Can you supply evidence that the "subhuman shit-trash" quote is authentic?

    Miss Kuzniar-Clark is now denying that she said this.

  3. Yes it was captured back in 2007 by David Simonetti:

  4. She also uses part of the same phrase here ("human trash") in the same year (2007) although in the mode of denial:

  5. An interesting quote here:

    "Call me curious. I’m just tired of trying to fight Jewry. Believe me when I say that I understand why Hitler ended up sort of “founding” the state of Israel. My gawd, they wear you down"

  6. That second example, from , doesn't really make the point.

    The Simonetti link is a slight improvement. It contradicts her claim that the quote came from Axis History Forum. But it would be nice to see where she posted it herself.

  7. You could challenge her to re-open the nether-world blog to public view. What's she hiding?

  8. Mr Harrison,

    How can I re-open a blog that is not and has never been mine?

    Are you sure you're not confusing Mr Simoneti's blog he made impersonating me and calling me "Jewess" with me? That blog was blocked by Blogger on the grounds of impersonation and perhaps even hate speech.


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