Sunday, June 10, 2007

Just another dead brain.

Author: Sergey Romanov
Some time ago we have been noticed by an author of The Revisionist Clarion, an electronic denier publication.

A quick look at the contents of this publication shows that it is nothing more than a low quality collection of articles and news items, mostly "revisionist" and/or antisemitic. (So much for Holocaust denial not being related to antisemitism.)

Here's a quote from issue 22 (fall 2006/winter 2007):

Holocaust Controversies

Some guys have set shop to attack revisionists. Good for them. The trouble is that, in a cursory glance, one can see that they do not read German, nor French. English maybe. How ignoramuses, Zimmerman style, can hope to be taken seriously ? They just do take the whole bullshit at face value !
That's all. No logic. No counter-arguments. No reasoned defence of "revisionism". Yawn.

Another retarded denier loon. At least (s)he could've noticed that one of us is German, and another one is a professional historian whose thesis dealt with German occupation (hint: that means he necessarily knows German). Oh, and at least two of us "read French", but that's rather irrelevant: since when knowledge of French is needed to study the Holocaust and make mincemeat of deniers, as we do all the time?

Of course, because RC author's intelligence is rather limited, it's easier for him or her to simply dismiss us for bogus reasons, without ever addressing a single argument. We understand.

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