Sunday, June 10, 2007

Only the Grave Cures the Hunchback

Author: Nicholas Terry
Just to rub in the irony of Sergey's post below, the rant from the Revisionist Clarion wasn't actually the first time we've been noticed by the AAARGH empire. Indeed, their French counterpart Conseils de Révision managed to call us 'intéresant' and label us 'les antirévisionistes de deuxième génération'. We'll leave it for the genii at Revisionist Clarion to do the translations, since apparently we wouldn't understand what 'second generation' was in French. Maybe they might want to bother reading their fellow deniers' newsletters?

Anyway, since the Revisionist Clarion are such towering intellects, perhaps they can tell us what this German document means. Or these Russian testimonies. Or how German grammar works. Or if this excerpt got translated correctly (clue: Massenmord doesn't mean "resettlement").

Really, if this is what the opposition is reduced to, they might as well kill themselves now and save us the bother of making them look even more idiotic.

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Because, as the Russian proverb goes, gorbatogo mogila ispravit.

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