Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Webb-Lisciotto farce goes on: now they try to kill

Chris Webb and Carmelo Lisciotto (of H.E.A.R.T. fame - or should I say infamy?) have reached a new low.

Recently Webb has called 1&1, the German Internet provider on whose server is hosted, and claimed to hold the copyright to all materials, which were hosted at Astonishingly, 1&1 blocked the site based just on Webb's empty claims.

And here's the threat sent by Webb to Stephan Thier (sic), the owner of domain:

(Note: through all these years Webb, a native Englishman and former ARC secretary, hasn't learned proper spelling and grammar.)

Webb's claim to copyright ownership is ridiculous. All the contents of the main site are indeed under ARC copyright, but there is no law which permits anyone, even ( :-) ) a secretary in the group just to claim to be a copyright owner - simply on the strength of the fact that this person also owns the domain name of the site.

In fact, while Webb himself has contributed some information to the site, most of the work has been done by other people, especially the webmaster (who is now behind I have created a couple of ARC pages myself, and heavily contributed to several others, and I didn't give Webb any right to claim to be their owner.

It should be mentioned that while several unprincipled individuals from the former ARC group have chosen to support Webb, the majority of the ARC group (including two of the three founders) haven't.

What's worse is that currently hosts a bunch of "independent websites". There was an understanding in the group that these contributions did not fall under an "umbrella" ARC copyright, but were fully independent. None of these sites' owners currently supports Webb (except Webb himself). In fact, John Ulrich Poulsen has tried for months - in vain - to have his copyrighted work removed from the site. (The updated version of his page is on the currently blocked

Therefore it is Webb who is in violation of copyright law. He is a thief, pure and simple.

Carmelo, on the other hand, has been busy with mud-slinging campaign.

Check out the fake blog "". Cowardly blog-owner has removed all the postings, but some info still remains there. Moreover, some information on what was contained in this porn-filled smear-blog can be found at [screenshot], and some remains will be available at Google for some time.

Of course, there will be denials of ARC connection. But look at these Wikipedia edits: 1, 2. Who is the vandal behind the edits? Check out his history of contributions: 1, 2. Rather clear, isn't it?

How sad it is that among all the Holocaust denial going on in the world, the credible Holocaust history sites are being ruined by such scum.

In case you're inclined to write to these gentlemen, you can find their addresses and e-mails through WHOIS service (just type in The 1&1 contact page is here.

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