Monday, February 19, 2007

Watch Sobe’s channel!

Our reader 104839sobe104839 has put together a series of video clips on YouTube, debunking denierbud’s video filth (YouTube version).

Sobe’s ongoing work, which is largely based on our articles about those same ugly clips, can be found here.

The voice in Sobe's clips is ... well, not as ugly as denierbud’s. :-)

And the content is a hell of a lot better.


  1. I really wish I could have found a better voice. I found a voice alteration program were you can make your voiice like Eddie Murphy's, for example, by I'm not sure how to use it.

    If I find out anyway to improve my vids I can promise everyone that the vids will be redone and will technically be a lot better.

    Also, when I voice the "P" sound in the mic it comes out really loud and ugly, I had to do a lot of audio editing.

    For me the technical part of the vid is very important and needs to be improved. ASAP.

    After all, isn't it easier to believe a well-made documentary?

  2. I wouldn't worry, sobe. Your refutations are very good.


  3. Thanks, but is it not easier to believe a technically well-made lie rather than a technically bad but historically accurate documentary?

    Also, I should note that in my last vid the HC team members will be acredited for their refutations, since I based a lot of my vids o n the HC team's work.


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