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Just So We're Clear

The lie continues that Ernst Zündel was deported from the U.S. by a Zionist cabal. See below this four-year-old report from Lexis-Nexis, where Zundel blames his immigration attorney in the U.S. for his deportation.
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Hamilton Spectator (Ontario, Canada)

April 2, 2003 Wednesday Final Edition


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HEADLINE: Board sends Zundel back to jail; Holocaust denier awaits probe results in 'Thorold Hilton'

SOURCE: The Hamilton Spectator

BYLINE: Paul Morse


Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel will remain in a Thorold jail while the Canadian government decides if it wants to deport him.

The quasi-judicial Immigration and Refugee Board yesterday ruled the German-born Zundel should stay in jail because the federal government is investigating whether he is inadmissible to Canada "on the grounds of security or violating human or international rights."

"I'm not surprised," Zundel said. "I've been here 45 years and this is more of the same. I'll go back to my Thorold Hilton and do a little more studying of legal papers."

Ottawa may deny Zundel refugee status and deport him to Germany where he faces charges of inciting hatred.

During yesterday's hearing, Zundel said he admired Nazi leader Adolf Hitler and that he considered Hitler the Great One.

Federal lawyer Donald McIntosh asked Zundel if he had ever referred to Jews as a parasitic race.

"I could not have because I do not believe the Jews are a race," Zundel said. "Hitler had it right, he called them a race of the mind."

McIntosh told the hearing a Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) report shows that Zundel "is the patriarch of the Canadian white supremacist movement, and a leading distributor of propaganda."

If released, Zundel would not comply with any terms or conditions, McIntosh said. "Zundel has flouted American law, failing to show up for an immigration interview in June 2001."

Zundel left Canada for the United States in 2000 and applied to become a permanent resident after 45 years as a landed Canadian immigrant. The U.S. immigration service deported him to Canada after he overstayed a visitor's visa.

During the hearing, Zundel sought to convince presiding refugee board member Robert Murrant that American authorities mistakenly deported him after his lawyer told him his immigration interview would be rescheduled.

"One oversight was that I should not have taken my attorney's advice. I was a fool and should have driven to (the hearing) and I wouldn't be sitting here," he said.

Handed over to Canadian authorities in Niagara Falls earlier this year, Zundel applied for refugee status hoping to stay in Canada to avoid being deported to Germany where he is wanted on hate-mongering charges.

"He flouts the law in the U.S. and in Canada regarding the Human Rights Tribunal, and he would flout the law here if he were released by continuing his Web site and generating money from abroad for inciting hatred," McIntosh said.

"Clearly he adores Adolf Hitler and all he represents ... He referred to the Canadian Human Rights Commission as a hick tribunal," McIntosh said.

Paul Fromm, who represented Zundel at the hearing, called the CSIS report biased and inflammatory.

"CSIS has become like ... political police, completely out of control."

Asked if he has ever been convicted of hatred in Germany in 1991, Zundel said, "One piece of writing or video was pilloried by the German state ... it is dissident material.

"Stalinist courts and other dictatorships marginalize their dissidents. I come from a long line from Djilas to Salman Rushdie.

"They can't keep me locked up forever. If I can avoid it, I would rather tough it out for a little while in Canada."

Zundel said returning to Germany was not a good option.

"Germany is an occupation regime ... the Allies didn't fight with the Germans for six years to bring them freedom. They came to subjugate them and to impose control, so it's their Quisling (collaborationist) regime."

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