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H.E.A.R.T. as an educational resource

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One of my colleagues, who will not be named here, has called this to my attention.

Recently at the H.E.A.R.T. site a "Holocaust glossary" went up, authored by a certain "CL". It is rather funny - it doesn't even contain an entry for Auschwitz. It does for Birkenau, though, but claims that "[f]our purpose built gas chambers and crematoria were eventually functioning in the camp". The author is blisfully unaware of the fact that the number of the chambers was higher than than number of crematoria - each crematorium eventually had several gas chambers (Krema II and III gas chambers were eventually divided into two, summing up to 4 GCs for these two crematoria; Krema IV and V contained at least 2 gas chambers each from the beginning), plus there were 6 gas chambers in the Bunkers (which belonged to Birkenau).

The most humorous entry is about Hitler:

Not only he is called "Adolph", his date of birth is given as his date of death!

Some "education"!

Read more!

In other news: "someone" has been spamming Wikipedia with H.E.A.R.T. ads. I think I know who this "someone" is ;-)

Update: since "CL" is currently monitoring this blog, the "Hitler" mistakes have been immediately corrected. Let's see when he adds Auschwitz and corrects his Birkenau entry :-)

Update 2: since "CL" is reading us anyway, he should also correct more silly mistakes, like:
Extermination camp

A location to which Jews and others were deported, in order to be executed by efficient mass assembly-line killing methods. The camps, Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka, were located in occupied Poland.
Where are Auschwitz and Majdanek?

One of the four Polish death camps.
Just four? Really? Are you a closet denier, or something?

Update 3: the Wikipedia pages have been deleted by "Holocaust_Research_Team"'s request. The background is this: "Holocaust_Research_Team" began spamming Holocaust-related Wiki entries with ads like this one (see the complete list):
There is an excellent online research for studying the Holocaust and all related information. H.E.A.R.T Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team Their Mission: Today there are many resources available for those wishing to learn more of what the world has come to know as "The Holocaust" - the planned extermination of entire ethnic, religious, political, and other groups by the government of a sovereign state, Germany, and her allies during the years 1933 -1945. Memorials, museums, and sufficient books to fill entire libraries are devoted to the subject. But the advent of the internet has created a new, globally accessible source of information on the Holocaust. Some of this information is valuable, often unique. Much of it, poorly researched and sourced, is not. The hateful writings emanating from the twisted minds of those who would deny the reality of what is irrefutable are much worse.
He was repeatedly warned about spamming, as was evident from his talk page, the screenshot of which you can find here. Embarrassed, "Holocaust_Research_Team" tried to erase his talk page, but was told not to, by admins. It is also evident from his history page, the screenshot of which can be found here. Then "Holocaust_Research_Team" requested the deletion of his talk page, and his wish was granted. And the deletion log of his user page states that the reason for deletion was "Blatant advertising" (screenshot).

Then our good friend from H.E.A.R.T. created a new account, "HolocaustResearchProject". And immediately started adding his links again, and again he was warned to stop advertising (also look here (screenshot)). In fact, currently all of his edits have been reverted.

Update 4: Some more details. Our H.E.A.R.T. "friends" also posted from this IP address (as has been discussed here (screenshot)).

Update 5: has been blacklisted (screenshot).

Update 6: The link in the German version has been inserted from IP, belonging to Pegasystems Inc. (101 Main Street , Cambridge, MA). Carmelo Lisciotto works at Pegasystems.

Update 7: IP address from update 4,, is from Boston, MA according to our blog counter:
Host Name
IP Address
Country United States
Region Massachusetts
City Boston
ISP Verizon Internet Services Inc
I.e., it is simply Carmelo Lisciotto spamming from home, rather than from work.


  1. "Belzec

    One of the four Polish death camps."

    Dear CL: those were Nazi death camps. Not "Polish", "English" nor "Hindu" death camps.

  2. Really? You learn something new every day.

  3. As you so helpfully pointed out, they weren't. Who would have thought. Thanks again for the heads-up!

  4. For a lot of people in Europe or America, this is not so clear as you think. That's why the phrase "Polish death camps" should be avoided.

  5. To be honest Roman, in my country (UK) it's a start if people know where Poland is. I was in town with some Polish friends a while back and we met some guys who thourght that Poland was in Australia ... so we told them that Polar bears come from Poland.

  6. The ignorance of some people is amazing, isn't it?

    Oh, and Roman, some Nazis forced some Poles to participate in the building of the Aktion Reinhard(t) camps.
    Stanislaw Kozak is one Poles who had to build the undressing barracks and early gas chambers of the Belzec extermination camp, for example.

  7. But then, they forced some Jews to do much worse things, like being in Sonderkommandos, and, yes, also building the gas chambers (e.g., Wiernik).

  8. "For a lot of people in Europe or America, this is not so clear as you think. That's why the phrase "Polish death camps" should be avoided."

    Well, I guess you got a point.

  9. "To be honest Roman, in my country (UK) it's a start if people know where Poland is."

    OK, next time Germany wants to bomb you in the ground like in 1940, don't count for Polish airmen giving you a hand!


  10. Spent the last half hour (I fear more) reading about H.E.A.R.T. And to think I've been linking to it for the past 5 years. On the surface it certainly looks harmless enough....


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