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Holocaust Denial and Himmler's Report to Hitler on "Jews executed: 363,211" (Part III)

Now that Carlo Mattogno is out of the game (see Part I & Part II), let's hear the rest of the denier's band on Himmler's report to Hitler.

Arthur Butz, The Hoax of the Twentieth Century (2003), p.243

There is also NO-1128, allegedly from Himmler to Hitler reporting, among other things, the execution of 363,211 Russian Jews in August-November 1942. This claim occurs on page 4 of NO-1128, while initials said to be Himmler’s occur on the irrelevant page 1. Moreover, Himmler’s initials were easy to forge: three vertical lines with a horizontal line drawn through them.

Butz has understood pretty much nothing from the text he cites (NMT, vol. 13, 269-272):
  • the NMT reproduction did not provide page numbers of the document

  • the initials on p.269 are not supposed to be from Himmler.

  • the figure of 363,211 executed Jews appears on p.270 (2nd page of the reproduction).

  • Himmler's full signature appears on p. 272 (4th page of the reproduction).

It's one thing to misread something once a while, it's another thing to get it all wrong.

Jürgen Graf, Raul Hilberg's Incurable Autism, The Revisionist, Volume 1, Issue 3, 2003, p.35

Everyone who has read the Korherr Report knows that it deals with Jews who were deported rather than "Jewish dead." The reason why Korherr does not include "the 363, 211 Jews who had been shot" could be simply that the 363, 211 alleged murders do not exist.
Everyone who has seriously studied the Korherr report knows that it deals - for the most part - with killed Jews as far as the "evacuations" to the East counted as loss are concerned.

Korherr did not include all deaths in the occupied Eastern territories as explained by himself ("...that only one part of the deaths of the Soviet Russian Jews in the occupied eastern territories were covered, while the rest of European Russia and the front were not included at all").

By the way, Jews "evacuated" to Auschwitz did not make it into the Auschwitz figure either ("Not included are the Jews accommodated in the concentration camps Auschwitz and Lublin in the course of the evacuation campaign").

Can only get better? Then you have not heard of Rudi yet:

Germar Rudolf, Partisan War and Reprisal Killings, The Revisionist, Volume 1, Issue 3, 2003, p.327

Report no. 51: No letter head, no reference number, no author, no signature, just ink on paper
(Germar Rudolf, Partisan War and Reprisal Killings, The Revisionist, Volume 1, Issue 3, 2003, p.327)

With such an in-depth analysis of an highly incriminating contemporary Nazi document on the Holocaust,  if Rudolf ever made his announcement real to publish a study on the Einsatzgruppen, it would not have been more than leaflet with an extreme density of flawed reasoning and faulty remarks:
  • as with other anti-partisan reports to Hitler, the Reichsführer-SS did not use a preprinted letterhead

  • the reference number is written on the carbon copy for the files: 67/42 g.K.

  • the official author is written on the top of the document: "Der Reichsführer-SS"

  • the signature is on the 4th page of the report: H.Himmler

  • the document was written with the Führer typewriter with specially large letters and shows - in addition to Himmler's signature - also the handwriting of Hitler's secretary and Himmler's adjutant.

Anybody else to rescue Holocaust Denial on Himmler's report to Hitler? Carlos Porter perhaps?

Carlos Porter, Analysis of documents from the Nuremberg trial. Letter no 25.

"There are no signatures anywhere on either of the two documents."
Uhm no, Himmler's signatures is on the original report sent to Hitler.

"Note: the figure of 363,211 is the total for the 4-month period put together - -almost 91,000 a month. Yet the SS and Ordnungs-und-Sicherheitspolizei are said to have lost a total of only 174 men killed in combat over the same period! These figures do not impress me as credible."
And Porter does not impress as knowing what he is talking about. Did he never hear about that the Nazi paramilitary forces did shoot for the most part unarmed Jewish families? Not because they were a genuine threat, but just because they were Jews? I mean that's what the Holocaust is largely about.

It is perfectly credible that the German paramilitary forces did not suffer from any significant casualties when shooting Jewish families. That's exactly why Himmler's report to Hitler is a damning piece of evidence against Holocaust denial. The mass of Jewish death cannot reflect genuine anti-partisan warfare but only systematic extermination of unarmed Jewish population.

"Unless  it  was  "Juden  evakuiert",  altered  to  "Juden  executiert"  and  a few  digits  added;  for  example,  "Jews evacutated, August", and some much lower figure, for example, "3124", retyped to show "31246"; that would make sense."
"I think the document has been retyped simply changing the figures; 360,000 is a ridiculous number. Who the hell is going to fill in all those holes? The original could have read 3,000, so a team of Soviet forgers retypes the thing, transfers  the signature  by  photographic  means,  or  by  hand (the  Soviets  had  whole  government  departments  that did nothing but forge passports and other documents for about 70 years), and presto!"

The document has to be forged, because what it describes is impossible.
It surely makes sense to a Holocaust denier that a Nazi document reporting explicitly about the murder of 363,221 Jews within just four months cannot be genuine. Because otherwise Porter had to face the fact that the European Jews were exterminated by the Nazis. That's why it is Denial and not Revisionism: they reject evidence as fake because it supports the systematic mass extermination of Jews.

"There  are  other  problems.  For  example,  there  are  2  different  documents --one  prepared  on  what  looks  like Himmler's typewriter, and the other prepared  on a typewriter with what looks like  a  Times New Roman typeface. The page numbers at the bottom have been added to the documents by the Americans. Question: Is the "Tines New Roman" "report" simply a rough draft for the "Himmler typewriter" "report"? Nobody knows."
Slight correction: Porter does not know.

His "Times New Roman" report was not written in "Times New Roman", but with a font typically used by German typewriters at the same time. It is not "a rough draft" but the appendix to a report by Prützmann handed over to Himmler on his visit in his HQ on 29 December 1942.

"To add to the confusion, there are usually 2 page numbers on each page, one typewritten at the top, one written by hand at the bottom, by the Americans."
There are no page numbers written by hand by the Americans on the original document.

"As  I  told  you  before,  the  Bundesarchiv  Koblenz  has  NO  ORIGINAL  DOCUMENTS  (at  least  none  for  the Nuremberg  Trials).  They  told  me  so  themselves.  Why  don't  you  write  and  ask  them?"
The Bundesarchiv might not have original "Nuremberg documents", but they certainly have original documents employed for Nuremberg documents.

"It's absurd that anything incriminating would not bear a SECRET stamp. Either the document was not considered incriminating, or it is a fake. Of course the shooting of 3,000 partisans would not be considered incriminating." 
It's rather absurd that Himmler would have instructed Hitler how to treat a document shown to him. As the absolute leader of the state, he could have told his staff whatever he wanted to do with it. Himmler's own staff treated the report as a "Secret Commando Affair" (registration line on the carbon copy) - the highest level of millitary secrecy.

Porter's insinuation that reports on killing of partisans were not considered as secret is straight-away refuted by other anti-partisan reports to Hitler, which were classified as Secret Commando Affair as well (see the carbon of report no. 49 on the left). Note that the rubber stamp was not always employed, e.g. in report no. 46 the term Geheime Kommandosache was written with a typewriter and in report no. 44 it was only indicated in the handwritten registration line - just as in the carbon of report no. 51 on 363,211 executed Jews.


  1. Samuel Crowell in his book "Gas Chambers of Sherlock Holmes" said that the document is probably genuine. He also accepts the authenticity of other documents and speeches usually questioned by Deniers. He doesn't speculate about if the numbers being inflated at all. Crowell called himself a "moderate revisionist" lol

    Irving at his trial also said that he thinks Hitler "probably" saw the document, but I am not entirely convinced he necessarily thinks it is authentic and even suggested the numbers may have been inflated by the Germans, but that he doesn't want to speculate about it. He was very careful to not make the charge of document forgery in his trial even though he probably actually believed that to be the case, or at least inflated numbers.

    As for: "if Rudolf ever made his announcement real to publish a study on the Einsatzgruppen"

    Did Rudolf say he was going to do this? Was it before Mattogno's book? I know he was the one that translated Mattogno's book into English. A book which I am sure will be updated eventually given all of the massive criticisms and many errors pointed out since it was released.

    Also this article came out over a week ago:

    850,000 new documents? Maybe you should make a post on it with instructions for others on how to search through these new documents. I always got annoyed by how many citations for documents are added in books and articles and the documents are not online, and I am not going to travel to another country just to go to some archives and find a document.

  2. Thanks for the tip re further Arolsen Archive uploads. Our page on open access sources highlights the main part of this archive which was uploaded in May, the new accretion is here
    The 'incarceration documents' in section 1.1 include copies of the records of the KZs.

    The page on open access sources highlights quite a variety of digitised collections, with Yad Vashem's document archive containing copies of many frequently-cited sources. Compared to other topics in history, this field is extremely well off for digitised resources, but it will be a long time before all such materials are accessible online.

  3. "Did Rudolf say he was going to do this? Was it before Mattogno's book? I know he was the one that translated Mattogno's book into English. A book which I am sure will be updated eventually given all of the massive criticisms and many errors pointed out since it was released."

    In an old editorial to his German-language journal (VffG), Rudolf claimed to have received daily reports of the Einsatzgruppen from some back channel from somewhere, and promised to publish then, which smelled very fishy; that was 15 or so years ago if I remember correctly, and nothing further has materialised. The fact that the star revisionist author Carlo Mattogno published a study without citing Rudolf's claimed thousands of documents strongly suggests Rudolf made this up.

    as for corrected editions of e.g. vol.39 of the 'Holocaust Handbooks' on the Einsatzgruppen, Mattogno is 68, so whether he manages to correct errors in this or other books before he becomes too old to work on such things - as will eventually happen - is an open question. There are literally hundreds more errors and omissions in that book which have not yet publicised.

  4. Unknown: "As for: "if Rudolf ever made his announcement real to publish a study on the Einsatzgruppen"

    Did Rudolf say he was going to do this? Was it before Mattogno's book? I know he was the one that translated Mattogno's book into English. A book which I am sure will be updated eventually given all of the massive criticisms and many errors pointed out since it was released.

    Well, back in 2002 (VffG, 2002, 6. Jahrgang, Heft 3) Rudolf claimed that "I managed to find 17,000 documents about the activities of the Einsatzgruppen. These are reports of the Einsatzgruppen themselves, not any compilations of any alleged bureaucrats in Berlin...This huge mountain of files now lying in front of me was created by the soldiers and policemen behind the front. Inside there is a lot of treasure hidden, and it may well be that after the evaluation of these files a new standard work on the Einsatzgruppen will see the light of day..."

    Of course, now we know that this was not true. Whatever "huge mountain" of "17,000 documents" he had (on his desk or in his mind), these were not about the activities of the Einsatzgruppen.

  5. Irving writes on his website (1999) that the report on 363,211 executed Jews "is probably authentic" and that more likely than inflated body count "Himmler slipped the figure into a statistical table which he thought it unlikely Hitler would read in detail, to cover himself for the future."

  6. Possibly another fake by Stahl swallowed by Rudi.


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