Saturday, December 05, 2009

Lisciotto and Webb are at it again

[The fake blogs have been finally removed due to my complaint to Google/Blogger. I tried in 2006 but was unresponsive back then. I have saved the content of these fake blogs in PDF files (except for the comments).]

Carmelo Lisciotto of has posted this message under a nickname impersonating me on a fake blog:

Carmelo has been waging a smear campaign against this blog since 2006, after his friend Chris Webb had been caught supplying forgeries for and Carmelo himself had been exposed as a thug and bigot.

Carmelo created several fake blogs back then with libelous messages. He is both a webmaster and one of the authors at, from which fact one can judge the worthiness of this "project" run by such complete sociopaths.

Updates are below the cut.

Update: Carmelo also posted new messages at and (the last one "downdated" to November; last time I checked it several days ago it wasn't there). Including this fake comment:
Anonymous said...

One thing you can do is now that you've put out the word is to go on your debunking holocaustcontroversies blog and claim that the HEART guys posted this blog!

That will help to discredit them!

December 5, 2009 6:26:00 AM PST
Ha ha, how clever.

Update 2: more crap from Carmelo:
The guy has too much time on his hands. He better start posting ads like this one again and find someone... or something. [Sub-update: and Carmelo's reaction: ]

Update 3: Carmelo's shamelessness knows no bounds:

Anonymous said...

I think we goofy'd when we vandalized the website.

We should not have tried to put fake pictures and wrong information to the ARC people they are too smart.

You must also right away post on your pro-holocaust blog that they are faking you

Fritzi the rat

December 5, 2009 6:34:00 AM PST
"Fritzi the rat" is Lisciotto's nickname for Michael Peters, the German founder of, whom Lisciotto tried to harass for a long time.

Update 4: more from Lisciotto:

Update 5: Lisciotto is on a roll today:

Update 6: Carmelo is even more insane than I thought:

Update 7: CL needs serious help:

Update 8: I guess it's been a looong day for the poor thug:

Update 9: poor Carmelo Lisciotto losing it so badly:


  1. - after his friend Chris Webb had been caught supplying forgeries for

    Roberto recently cited (by "cited" I mean, "linked to") in his latest submission.

    Is this meant to convey that is legit again even after Lisciotto and co. hijacked it? I thought that the legitimate material was archived at . What happened in between?

    Thanks for the heads up. I had HEART on my bookmarks until I saw your stuff about them. Really disgusting, what these guys do.

  2. Well, most of material there is still legit, though I would prefer if Roberto didn't link there. The problem with promoting that site now is that fakes are among the authentic materials and most people wouldn't know which is which.

  3. >Well, most of material there is >still legit, though I would prefer
    >if Roberto didn't link there.

    What I recently did was to link to a post on RODOH that links to ARC articles. As far as I can judge those ARC articles haven't changed since the pre-W&L fuckup era and are identical with what after the split used to be on the "good" ARC site under However, if the articles linked to should contain post-split additions by Webb et al, please let me know and I'll remove the link to that RODOH post (which is not so important) from my latest HC submission.


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