Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hypocrisy and Forensics (Part 1)

Author: Jonathan Harrison
Whenever a case appears in which the victims were 'ethnic Germans', deniers drop their negationist stance and suddenly begin to use techniques of 'convergence of evidence' that they reject when applied to Holocaust mass graves. This can be illustrated with two recent examples.

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Firstly, this Cesspit thread discusses the excavation of a grave at Malbork containing 1,800 bodies. As I believe in the 'convergence of evidence' and 'inference to the best explanation', I am happy to concur that the best explanation of the current evidence is that some or all of these persons were murdered by Soviet or Polish Communist authorities in 1945. What is striking, however, is that many of the hyper-positivist proofs demanded by deniers are not present in reports of this event. According to this AHF thread, there are no reports of teeth or bullets having been excavated. Where are the Gerdian demands for "just one spent bullet"? There are also no photographs of the complete mass grave. Even Cesspit regular Turpitz is aware of this discrepancy and has to concoct an absurd conspiracist hypothesis to account for it:
I wonder why they do not show us the 1800 skeletal remains? Is it because it will put the communist photo forgeries to shame?
The second example is this Lusitania thread. I have shown in this Memory Hole thread how Hargis would have dealt with the newspaper coverage of this investigation had the victims been Jews.

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