Monday, January 19, 2009

The guru and the chimp …

Author: Roberto Muehlenkamp
… have something in common besides their "Revisionist" faith and their intellectual dishonesty: they have both spent much time lately on my humble person.

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The guru ("Revisionist" coryphée Carlo Mattogno), who has not been very active over the past years, recently published what he calls a paragraph-by-paragraph "examination" of my 2006 article Carlo Mattogno on Belzec Archaeological Research.

Dissecting something written in a language I don’t speak (though I can more or less understand it as I'm fluent in two other Latin languages) will take a little longer than if Mattogno had shown the courtesy (not so much towards me – after all I must have pissed him off quite a bit, judging by the hysterical tirades one comes across in his risposta – as towards the sheep in his flock who don’t read Italian) of writing in or obtaining a translation into English (which, incidentally, is not my mother language either), but I won’t leave Mattogno without a response for 2 ½ years. The lateness of his response aside, I thank Mattogno for the opportunity he gave me to expand this blog's offer of information about Belzec extermination camp and "Revisionist" fallacies, which I’ll be glad to take advantage of.

The chimp ("Revisionist" cretin Greg Gerdes, who seems to be identical with this illustrious "White" specimen), has opened another thread on the CODOH forum to peddle some more of his comparatively limited (but not essentially different) repertoire, which I have responded to (as it currently stands) in my VNN posts # 1833 and # 1836.

Gerdes' again mouthing off about me on a forum he knows I have been banned from is further evidence (if that were still necessary) of his utter lack of character. Nevertheless (or also because of this), I thank Gerdes for yet another valuable contribution to the demise of "Revisionism".

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