Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hypocrisy and Forensics (Part 2)

Author: Jonathan Harrison
The hypocrisy of deniers noted in Part 1 can also be found in the work of their current guru, Germar Rudolf.

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In Chapter 8 of The Rudolf Report, he makes this claim:
One can after all understand that these Polish authors made their careers in Communist Poland, and, as Polish patriots, can under no circumstances permit the undermining of 'Auschwitz' as a moral justification for the Polish ethnic cleansing of the East Prussians, East Pomeranians, and Silesians after the end of World War Two, as a result of which some three million Germans lost their lives, as well as it being the greatest land robbery of modern history.
Rudolf gives no sources for this "three million" figure. One may therefore ask, why aren't Hargis and Gerdes demanding that he supply the physical proof? "Just one spent bullet".


God Fearing Atheist said...

Hey Jonathan,

This is only tangentially related to your post, but i'm curious; where can I read the story of how you guys discovered Hannover = Hargis?

I only discovered your blog recently, and links about the subject in some older posts are no longer active.

Love the work you guys do. Keep it up.

Jonathan Harrison said...
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God Fearing Atheist said...

Thanks for the reply Jonathan!

Just so it's totally clear in my mind, is this the reply Andrew received from him after emailing his UCLA account? Something else?

RE GNXP, it's not so much my blog anymore as I haven't contributed in many years, but still well worth reading.

As far as Burt, have you read Fletcher and Mackintosh's books on the subect?

Jonathan Harrison said...

No, it comes from something called the Upsteam Mailing List and was sent in 1999.

Regarding Fletcher and Mackintosh, I stopped studying the Burt affair before their books came out but I'm broadly aware of their arguments (and Tucker's rebuttal) and I would agree that fraud by Burt can't be proved 100%, but the balance of probability is that his twin study contained too many anomalies to have been genuine. The best analysis of this issue may still be Leon Kamin's, which I found very persuasive when I read it back in the 80's.

Jonathan Harrison said...

Note: I have deleted my earlier reply to GFA as the link contained Hargis's work email address, and I don't wish to encourage the spamming of emails, but the point was to show that Hargis posted from his work email as "v Hannover" to a mailing list in 1999.