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"Muehlenkamp accepts nafcash's challenge" - 11th Update

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Update, 22.09.2008, 14:38 GMT

In the 9th update, I had invited the feeble-minded CODOH bigmouth "MrNobody" to debate me on a forum of his choice. As I have no access to the "CODOH Revisionist Forum", I asked my old friend Gerdes, in post # 1300 on the VNN thread Archeological Investigations of Treblinka, to extend my invitation to "MrNobody".

Of course Gerdes reacted just like the cowardly, hysterical charlatan he has amply shown himself to be.

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In his post of Sun Sep 21, 2008 12:31 pm on the CODOH thread NAFCASH throws Muehlenkamp a bone, Gerdes let fly with a staple mantra from our VNN discussions:

But what's even more amazing than the fact that they can't locate / prove the existence of just one tenth of one percent, they can't even locate / prove the existence of one single body, one single pound of bone fragments, one single ounce of human ash, and not so much as one single tooth!


which I have slapped around his ears more than once on VNN (see, among others, my posts # 1226 and # 1242, both quoted in today’s post # 1308).

This was followed by more of those pious statements of faith that also characterize Gerdes’ "argumentation":

It's so simple:

There was no Treblinka holocaust.

There was no Sobibor holocaust.

These sites were not extermination centers / death camps.

There were no holocausts within the holocaust at these sites.

Of course it's just for starters, but at the very least, by just looking at just the two camps of Sobibor and Treblinka alone, we can categorically and unequivocally state that:

1/5th of the holocaust didn't happen.

interspersed with a classic example of Gerdian mendacity:

Yes MrNobody, all these facts are debate stoppers. (Just ask MuehlenKamp!)

Gerdes seems to know how empty his bragging is, otherwise he would give "MrNobody" the link to the VNN thread so the poor fellow can see for himself how "effective" Gerdes’ constantly repeated mantras and catchphrases are as "debate stoppers".

Last but not least, there was some more NAFCASH rhetoric:

As is stated on the nafcash site ( ):

"For those of you who lack the courage to accept the above facts and wish to continue to deny the truth, then the ball is in your court. The supporters of THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM have put their money where their mouths are and it’s time for the criminally fraudulent holocaust industry, their mealy-mouthed “skeptical” minions, bought whores in the media and their servile Judas-Goats in our government indoctrination centers to put up or shut up. If you also lack the integrity to acknowledge the fact that there were no holocausts within the holocaust at Sobibor and Treblinka (1/5th of the entire holocaust), then ask yourself this one simple question: Why does THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE TM reward remain unclaimed?"

Maybe 1/10th of 1% is too hard for them to locate / prove the existence of? Maybe $100,000.00 isn't enough incentive?

First of all, a challenge that goes like "show me so-and-so-many dead bodies or bones of murdered people and I’ll pay you so-and-so-much" is disgusting enough to put off most potential applicants.

Second, the challenge is an obvious hoax, as pointed out in, among others, my VNN posts # 903 and # 1300, the latter regarding the present version of the challenge.

And third, if what is required is a precise quantification of bone fragments adding up to so-and-so many thousand pounds (as I am trying to get the weaseling coward to expressly confirm), it’s not as if one could just take a shovel and dig out bone fragments from the already identified mass graves at Sobibor let alone the still-to-be-precisely-located mass graves at Treblinka, as I have pointed out in previous updates of this article. One needs a permission to do that, which is not so easy to obtain.

But then, it doesn’t take more than Gerdes' lame and transparent rhetoric to make "Revisionist" true believers happy.

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