Sunday, August 03, 2008

"Muehlenkamp accepts nafcash's challenge" - 6th Update

Original article and 1st update

2nd update, 24.07.2008, 23:55 hours GMT

3rd update, 26.07.2008, 15:08 hours GMT

4th update 29.07.2008, 15:00 hours GMT

5th update, 30.07.2008, 23:59 GMT

Update, 03.08.2008, 0:48 GMT

The latest conversations between cowardly cretins Gerdes and Hargis on the CODOH Cesspit have been commented in my VNN post # 953.

See also my VNN posts # 954 and # 955.

The last of these posts contains a list of things for Gerdes to do – if he is interested in making good for the cowardly and obnoxious behavior he has displayed throughout our discussions, I’m just giving him a chance to do so –
during my holiday absence.

Let’s see how much of this, if anything, is done when I come back in three weeks.

7th update, 27.08.2008, 23:34 GMT

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