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"Muehlenkamp accepts nafcash's challenge" - 2nd Update

Original article and 1st update

Update on 24.07.2008, 23:55 hours GMT

Some more fun with the cowardly loons on the thread Muehlenkamp accepts nafcash's challenge of the CODOH Cesspit:

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Mr. Nobody (an appropriate handle), Mon Jul 21, 2008 7:11 pm:

Oh well I guess you can kiss your money goodbye, this will be too easy!

All Muehlenkamp has to do is obtain Shermer's alleged "Treblinka Investigation" MWUUUUUUUAHAHAHAHAH !

Stinking coward and liar Gerdes, who is aware of this article because it has been pointed out to him at least twice, is hereby requested to invite his fellow clown over to VNN so he can provide what Gerdes has not been able to provide throughout our discussions: the number of the page of Denying History on which Shermer (a source that I never referred to but Gerdes is for some reason obsessed with) claimed to have conducted a "Treblinka Investigation".

Stinking coward and liar Gerdes, Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:04 pm:
And speaking of proof, and I kid you not, this is an exact quote that just came in from Muehlenkamp on the VNN forum:

"It’s for who makes a claim to provide the proof supporting that claim, a**hole."

Exactly, and I showed Gerdes how proof is provided, in my VNN post # 777.

How about linking the CODOH clowns to this post, Gerdes?

(Note that Gerdes keeps bragging about our VNN discussion but has not yet provided a link to the VNN thread. He’s seems to be afraid – not unreasonably so – that the CODOH clowns might realize what a sorry figure he is cutting there against me).

Stinking coward and liar Jonnie "Hannover" Hargis (he and Gerdes are really birds of a feather), Mon Jul 21, 2008 8:04 pm :

Well, the links I provided above show without a doubt that Muehlenkamp cannot defend the impossible tales of the 'holocaust' religion. He/they make the claims, and when these claims are inspected their only recourse is to attempt dirty tricks. Such are the judeo-supremacists.

Yeah, Jonnie, just keep repeating your prayers. Meanwhile, readers of my VNN post # 739 are learning how the crap you and your fellow true believers produced on "the links I provided above" was taken apart piece by piece, and how it is that you keep opponents from "defending" what you self-projectingly call "the impossible tales of the 'holocaust' religion" (the only religion built on impossible tales in this context is the "Revisionist" fantasy about the "Hoax"): by deleting or retaining their posts and eventually banning them.

As to your victory dances, let me repeat again what one of your less cowardly and mendacious brothers-in-spirit, quoted in the same VNN post, had to say about them:

I agree, Herr Muehlankamp, those guys over there are not entirely honest. Banning you and others and then performing victory dances is beyond even chutzpah. Hopefully this new poster, if he is new, will soon realize that dissenting views, if you will, are verboten.

As far as pointing him to RODOH, the name can not be mentioned, it is deleted. One of my posts was totally distorted, I dared mention RODOH, should have copied it, which almost made me quit that forum. Anyway, who knows, perhaps this lost sheep will find its way.

Next in line is Hargis bird-of-a-feather Gerdes, who in his post of Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:38 am regurgitates the following:

Yes, and don't forget that Shermer also claims to have visited Sobibor. Remember what he said in Denying History:

“The culmination of years of research… our purpose… to present the historical facts that refute Holocaust denial… To debunk the deniers can’t we just go there and see them for ourselves? The answer, of course, is “yes.”… We can no longer ignore the deniers, calling them names and hoping they will go away… We cannot remain silent anymore. It’s time to respond… Not only is it defensible to respond to the deniers, it is, we believe, our duty… Many of our arguments draw on specialized research into the claims of the deniers that took us… to the Nazi extermination camps themselves… we went to Europe to conduct research at the camps, in particular at… Treblinka, Sobibor… We wanted to see for ourselves just what evidence there is at the camps and to take the opportunity to examine firsthand the claims… Much of the research is the type of work professional historians normally do… analyzing ground and aerial photographs… in order to make proper interpretations, we must review the physical evidence… Like criminologists solving a crime, we piece together the myriad bits of evidence until a conclusion emerges from the morass of data… How is it that so much physical evidence can come to be doubted?”

Note that the above is a montage of statements from various different parts of Shermer’s book Denying History, which are pasted together as if they were related to each other in order to put words into the author’s mouth. Readers who have been following my VNN discussion with Gerdes may remember how often Gerdes made a fuss about investigations of the physical evidence Shermer supposedly claimed to have conducted at the sites of the former Aktion Reinhard(t) camps, and how often I asked him to point out the exact page or pages of Denying History on which Shermer supposedly claimed to have conducted such investigations. Gerdes’ response was always deafening silence – followed some time thereafter by a repetition of the mendacious montage quoted above.

Gerdes continues:
And now that THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE has been narrowed down to just Treblinka and Sobibor, and the applicant to the challenge reward must now use "SKPETIC" magazine only, Shermer should be able to assist Muehlenkamp on this matter immensely.

Yes, the Shermer / "SKEPTIC" magazine and Muehlenkamp / HC collaboration is a match made in heaven.

Actually – and as Gerdes well knows – neither I nor any of my fellow bloggers on HC have anything to do with Shermer, and throughout my discussions with Gerdes I never invoked Shermer as a source. Trying to saddle opponents with claims they never made and sources they never referred to is one of stinking liar Gerdes’ tricks.

Gerdes’ bird-of-a-feather Hargis, in his post of Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:48, dutifully echoes his fellow cowardly liar as follows:

Oh yeah, shysters Shermer and Muehlenkamp do Treblinka. Hilarious.

You gotta see these:

'Daily Gassings in Treblinka'

'Andy Mathis / 'holocaust Hist. Project' Treblinka section''

'Treblinka 'mass grave' claim'

Search Treblinka at this site for more.

This is too easy.

- Hannover

I don’t see what the above threads have got to do with me – poor little Jonnie seems to be running out of threads in which he mouthed off about me after banning me. And what I really like in the above, coming as it does from a coward who never once left his Cesspit to debate on a forum where he could not control debate by cowardly censorship, is Hargis' "This is too easy" – bragging.

Hey Gerdes, what are you waiting for to invite Mr. "This is too easy" over to VNN, as I have several times asked you to do?

(Of course Hargis will never accept the invitation, he’s too much a coward for that. Any post of Gerdes’ containing such invitation is likely to immediately disappear into the memory hole. And the same will probably happen to any post of Gerdes containing a link to the VNN thread Archeological Investigations of Treblinka. Hargis doesn’t want his fellow true believers to look through the telescope.)

Next we have Gerdes, in his post Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:06 pm, proudly quoting his "latest (and last) major change to THE FINAL SOLUTION FORENSIC CHALLENGE". Note his amusing explanation for having excluded Belzec and Chelmno from the challenge:

I really hated to drop Belzec and Chelmno, but I felt the time was right to focus and force the issue about Sobibor. Of course, this means that someone else can pick up the Belzec and Chelmno balls that I dropped and do something with them. Especially Chelmno, which is not only a gift, but if the fraudulent "archeological investigation" there isn't used to our advantage, then the next generation of truthers are going to hold us in contempt. In fact, I believe the BS "archeological investigations" of Chelmno are the easiest of all to prove as fraudulent and can most easily be used to our advantage.

Of course it makes no sense whatsoever from Gerdes’ point of view to reduce the effect of his publicity stunt by excluding Belzec and Chelmno from the challenge, especially if the latter is "easiest of all to prove as fraudulent and can most easily be used to our advantage". Thus it seems reasonable to assume that Gerdes’ motivation was the exact opposite of what he claims, as I pointed out in my VNN post # 810:

So Belzec and Chelmno are not included in the challenge anymore, Mr. Gerdes?

Why is that? Did you get cold feet? Did someone tell you that Prof. Kola’s Belzec report alone, or Mrs. Golden’s article in ARCHAEOLOGY magazine, may be considered by a court of law as sufficient proof to meet the challenge requirements?

Does Gerdes really expect his readers to be so dumb as to fall for explanations that go against the grain of everything we have so far seen from this barking-mad loony?

Well, in "Revisionist" cloud-cuckoo-land he is sure to find that kind of suckers.

Last but not least we have Hargis again, post Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:44 pm:

See Kola and the laughable nonsense about Sobibor further demolished here:

'Mass graves found at Nazi camp [?]'

Piece of cake.

I’d say the only thing "demolished" on that thread was any reasonable reader's expectation that "Revisionist" howlers might have any substantial arguments against a renowned archaeologist’s statements about archaeological findings that exactly match what all documentary and eyewitness evidence tell us about the mass murder at Sobibor. Hargis’ own part in this "demolishing" (see his post of Sat Jul 03, 2004 8:21 pm) was an especially hilarious showpiece of imbecility, which I would love to discuss with him here on VNN.

When are you going to forward my invitation for Mr. "Piece of cake" Hargis to come over here, Mr. Gerdes? I feel like having some more fun.

3rd update, 26.07.2008, 15:08 hours GMT

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