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Citations of Holocaust Controversies in the Literature

It's been a while since we compiled a list of the times that the HC blog has been cited in the scholarly/academic and professional literature. Here's an updated list to bring us to the present. Please note that this list does not include publications written by people directly associated with the blog, nor does it include citations of people associated with the blog to publications in other media, offline or online.

I'll update this list as new publications come across the transom.

(Last update: May 2021) 

Book/Journal Year
Desmond Fernandes, The Kurdish and Armenian Genocides: From Censorship and Denial to Recognition (Spånga, Sweden: Apec) 2007
Stephen E. Atkins, Holocaust Denial as an International Movement (Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-Clio) 2009
Adam Jones, Evoking Genocide: Scholars and Activists Describe the Works That Shaped Their Lives (Toronto: Key Publishing) 2009
Adam Jones, Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction (Philadelphia: Taylor and Francis) 2010
Pascal Cziborra, KZ-Autobiografien: Geschichtsfälschungen zwischen Erinnerungsversagen, Selbstinszenierung und Holocaust-Propaganda
(Bielefeld, Germany: Lorbeer)
Dan Michman, "Bloodlands and the Holocaust: Some Reflections on Terminology, Conceptualization and their Consequences," Journal of Modern European History, 10, no. 4 (2012): 440-445. 2012
Nancy E. Rupprecht and Wendy Koenig, The Holocaust and World War II: In History and In Memory (New York: Cambridge UP) 2012
Danny Orbach and Mark Solonin, "Calculated Indifference: The Soviet Union and Requests to Bomb Auschwitz," Holocaust and Genocide Studies, 27, no. 1 (2013): 90-113. 2013
Peter Haber and Eva Pfanzelter, Historyblogosphere: Bloggen in den Geschichtswissenschaften (Munich: Oldenbourg) 2013
Sara Berger, Experten der Vernichtung (Hamburg: Hamburger Edition) 2013
Karel Fracapane and Matthias Haß, Holocaust Education in a Global Context
(New York: UNESCO)
Vladimir Petrović, "A Crack in the Wall of Denial: The Scorpions Video in and out of the Courtroom," in Narratives of Justice In and Out of the Courtroom: Former Yugoslavia and Beyond, edited by Dubravka Zarkov and Marlies Glasius 2014
Victoria Khiterer, Ryan Barrick, and David Misal, The Holocaust: Memories and History (New York: Cambridge UP) 2014
Cathie Carmichael and Richard C. Maguire, The Routledge History of Genocide (London: Routledge) 2015
Caroline Joan S. Picart, "Nationalities, Histories, Rhetorics: Real/Reel Representations of the Holocaust and Holocaust Trials and a Poethics of Film and Law," Dapim, 29, no. 2 (2015); 114-133. 2015
Agnes Grunwald-Spier, Who Betrayed the Jews?: The Realities of Nazi Persecution in the Holocaust (Cheltenham, UK: History Press) 2016
Caroline Joan S. Picart, Michael Hviid Jacobsen, and Cecil Greek, Framing Law
and Crime: An Interdisciplinary Anthology 
(Madison, NJ: Fairleigh-Dickinson UP)
Dominick LaCapra, "Trauma, History, Memory, Identity: What Remains?" History
and Theory
, 55 (2016): 375-400.
William Allington, "Holocaust Denial Online: The Rise of Pseudo-Academic Antisemitism on the Early Internet," Journal of Contemporary Antisemitism, 1, no. 1 (2017): 33-54. 2017
Albert Marrin, A Light in the Darkness: Janusz Korczak, His Orphans, and the Holocaust (New York: Random House) 2017
Dominick LaCapra, Understanding Others: Peoples, Animals, Pasts (Ithaca, NY:
Cornell UP)
Rohini Hensman, Indefensible: Democracy, Counterrevolution, and the Rhetoric of Imperialism (Chicago: Haymarket) 2018
Natascha Drubek-Meyer, Filme über Vernichtung und Befreiung (Berlin: Springer) 2020
Golda Retchkiman, "The Ustaše and the Roman Catholic Church in the Independent Ustaše State of Croatia," Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe, 40, no. 1 (2020): 78-96. 2020

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