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German Document Reveals Kulmhof (Chelmno) As a Nazi Extermination Camp

In this series of postings, the Nazi extermination camp Kulmhof (Chelmno) was presented in the light of contemporary German sources. The documents show, among other things, that Kulmhof was run by a killing commando that gassed about 100,000 Jews from December 1941 to Summer 1942.

Here is another previously unpublished Nazi document, which reveals that the purpose of Sonderkommando Kulmhof was the  "immediate fight against and annihilation of state enemies", which was of "crucial importance for the solution of one of the most important ethnic problems" and required "in particular a manly and strong mental attitude" (see transcription and translation of the document below).


Der SS-[...] gehörte vom 10.6.1942 - 5.4.1943
"     SS-[...]    "     "  Juli 1941 - 5.4.1943
"     SS-[...]    "     "  8.12.1941 - 5.4.1943, und
"     SS-[...]    "     "  8.12.1941 - 5.4.1943

dem SS-Sonderkommando Kulmhof an.

Ihre Tätigkeit bei diesem Sonderkommando, die in der unmittelbaren Bekämpfung und Vernichtung von Staatsfeinden bestand, erfolgte unter ständigem Lebenseinsatz [und] erforderte in ganz besonderem Masse [sic] eine mannhafte und starke seelische Haltung. Die Tätigkeit der Genannten war mit von entscheidender Bedeutung für die Lösung eines der wichtigsten völkischen Probleme.

Die zu lfd. Nummer 1-4 Genannten sind der Auszeichnung in jeder Beziehung würdig. Ein Straf- oder Disziplinarverfahren schwebt gegen sie nicht.

Posen, den 16. Juni 1943
Geheime Staatspolizei
Staatspolizeileitstelle Posen
[Unterschrift Steinberg]

Der Inspekteur der
Sicherheitspolizei und des SD Posen
[Unterschrift Damzog]
SS-Oberführer und Oberst der Polizei
The SS-[...] belonged from 10.6.1942 - 5.4.1943
"     SS-[...]    "     "  July 1941 - 5.4.1943
"     SS-[...]    "     "  8.12.1941 - 5.4.1943, and
"     SS-[...]    "     "  8.12.1941 - 5.4.1943

to the SS-Sonderkommando Kulmhof.

Their activity with this Sonderkommando, which consisted in the immediate fight against and annihilation of state enemies, took place under constant engagement of their lives and required in particular a manly and strong mental attitude. The activities of those named were of crucial importance for the solution of one of the most important ethnic problems. Numbers 1 to 4 are worthy of the award in every respect. A criminal or disciplinary procedure does not exist against them.

Posen, 16 June 1943
Secret State Police
State Police Headquarters Posen
[signature Steinberg]

The Inspector of the Security Police and Security Service Posen
[signature Damzog]
SS-Oberführer and Oberst of the Police
[rubber stamp]
(BArch R 601/2445; names and ranks of SK Kulmhof staff blackened by me)


  1. Thanks Hans. Your last couple of articles have been excellent. Have you recently stumbled across a stache of previously "new" documents ? Hopefully there's more to come !

    Just out of curiosity , why have you blackened out the names ?

  2. ps - apologies for incorrect spelling of 'stash' !

  3. No, keep it as stache. Esp. with your screen name, I like the idea of somebody having kept these docs hidden for years under their handlebar mustache.

  4. DassPrussian, I usually blacken/abbreviate names for privacy protection (demanded by German laws), but in this case, it is because I may want to elaborate on those guys later on.

  5. Oh yeah, and this is indeed more like the tip of the iceberg. ;-)


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