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The Challenge to Supporters of the Revisionist Transit Camp Theory ...

... has been updated.

The following has been added:
Update, 14.08.2017:

More than six years have gone by since my challenge was first published, more than three years since it was last updated. In that time "Revisionists" have not been able to provide one single name with proof that would meet the requirements of my challenge. Their best shot was one Siegmund Rothstein, who is supposed to have been deported to Treblinka and later ended up in Minsk. However, as Sergey Romanov ably demonstrated in his article The Rothstein canard, there are no sources according to which Rothstein was transported via Treblinka to Minsk. There is one set of sources according to which Transport Br leaving Theresienstadt on 26.9.1942, which carried 2,004 German and Austrian Jews including Rothstein, was bound for Treblinka extermination camp. There is another set of sources whereby that same transport was bound for the Maly Trostinec extermination camp near Minsk. So one of these two sets of sources (probably the latter) must be wrong as to the transport's final destination, and neither states that the transport went via Treblinka to Maly Trostinec (which would also have made no sense as both were extermination centers). So the "transit camp" theory regarding Chełmno, Bełżec, Sobibór or Treblinka remains as mere fantasy.

The flagrant failure of "Revisionists" to provide any evidence that would give substance to the "transit camp" theory was one of the stated reasons why one of the most important "Revisionist" activists, Eric Hunt, turned his back on "Revisionism", as expressed in his essay The End of the Line. Hunt considered this challenge to be "proof of how strong the accepted history is and how phenomenally weak and untenable the Revisionist / denier “transit camp” theory is".
Consciousness by "Revisionists" of the weakness of their position is suggested by the heavy-handed and blatantly dishonest, almost total censorship applied to posts submitted on the "CODOH Revisionist Forum" by who seems to currently be the only opposition poster on that forum (myself). Said censorship makes a mockery of the open debate that the "Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust" is supposed to pursue and provide, while at the same showing to what extent the CODOH moderator's slogan ("Only lies need to be shielded from debate, truth welcomes it.") applies to the desperate need to shield "Revisionist" falsehoods from debate. CODOH posts censored on laughably mendacious pretexts are being reproduced on the thread Yet another CODOH Memory Hole Festival of the RODOH forum (on which the boringly repetitive, hysterical and vulgar spam posts of Greg Gerdes are currently further suggesting that "Revisionist" discussion culture has sunk to truly abysmal levels).

While "Revisionism" sinks ever deeper into its own morass, there have also been some developments as concerns the potential arbiters of my challenge. CODOH founder Bradley Smith has died. James Randi has retired. Michael Shermer is likely to have no interest in assuming the arbiter role, judging by several e-mails I exchanged with him in connection with one of Gerdes' "challenges". All of this means that the list of potential arbiters has to be expanded to improve the chances of whoever might want to take my challenge to find an arbiter willing to judge the merits of their proof submission and issue a corresponding statement. I therefore include in the list of potential arbiters the following persons, all of them current or former/partial "Revisionists", in alphabetical order:

David Cole

Eric Hunt

David Irving

Carlo Mattogno

Germar Rudolf

Each of these individuals will be nominated as an arbiter of my challenge upon having sent to my e-mail address ( a message containing the following:

1. A statement that he, [name], wishes to be an arbiter of my challenge.

2. Proof of identity (color copy of passport or identity card).

3. Color copy of a signed statement reading as follows:
«I, [name], hereby expressly declare that, if nominated an arbiter of Roberto Muehlenkamp’s "Challenge to Supporters of the Revisionist Transit Camp Theory" (, I undertake to 
a) make a critical, impartial and objective assessment of evidence that should be submitted to me in response to said challenge, according to accepted rules and standards of evidence,
b) be critical and skeptical as concerns evidence that should be submitted to my assessment, especially demand that the existence and authenticity of claimed documents be proven,
c) make sure that archival references of claimed recorded testimonies are accurate, and apply the most rigorous skepticism regarding any non-archived and hitherto unknown testimony that should be submitted, and
d) provide a verifiable written justification of the assessment made and conclusion reached.»

For the sake of fairness, and although I have no doubts about their integrity and objectivity, the requirements stated under items 1 to 3 above shall also apply to Michael Shermer and James Randi, should they be interested in assuming the arbiter role.

In addition to the above, any other person wishing to be an arbiter of my challenge may apply for the arbiter role by sending me an e-mail with the elements mentioned under items 1 to 3 above. However, unlike in the case of the persons named above, I reserve the decision, independently of compliance with the formal requirements stated above, on whether or not to accept such application and nominate the applicant as an arbiter of the challenge, without having to state the reasons for accepting or rejecting such application. Persons known to me as sufficiently reasonable and objective will have a good chance of being nominated as arbiters. Persons known to me as compulsive liars and/or sociopaths, "Revisionist" or not, need not bother to apply, as their applications will of course be rejected.

All personal data submitted will be kept confidential in accordance with the Portuguese law regarding protection of personal data (Lei n.º 67/98, de 26 de Outubro, which transposes to Portuguese legislation Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data). A signed statement in this sense will be provided at the applicant’s request, before or after submission of the required application elements.

An e-mail notifying the named persons about their names being on the list of potential arbiters, and of the formal requirements to apply for the arbiter role, will be sent to these persons if and when their e-mail addresses are known to me.

Anyone reading the above is hereby requested to either inform the named potential arbiters or send their e-mail addresses to my e-mail address The e-mail address of both the sender and the potential arbiter will be treated confidentially in accordance with the Portuguese law regarding protection of personal data and not divulged without their express prior written permission.
If several potential arbiters should be notified in one e-mail, their addresses will be written in the "bcc" line so that none of the recipients knows who else has received the same message let alone the e-mail addresses of the other recipients.

PS, 20.08.2017: A list of my censored CODOH posts between 9 July and 19 August 2017 (111 in total) has been published in this RODOH post.

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