Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Children from Venice who were Murdered at Auschwitz

During a recent vacation in Venice, I bought The Ghetto of Venice by Riccardo Calimani, where I found on page 279 an intriguing Italian police report sent from Venice to Fossoli on January 18, 1944, stating:
Re. Jews:
On today's date, officers of this command accompanied here those Jewish minors found on December 31st in such conditions as to make them untransportable.
1. LM child of Beniamino, age 4
2. LL child of Benianimo age 6
3. TS child of Eugenio age 4
4. NN child of Eugenio age 3
The above children will find their parents in this concentration camp.
Although the extract in Calimani only gives the children's initials, I located the document at Yad Vashem (here, image 184) where the names are given as Mario Levi, Lino Levi, Sergio Todesco and Mora Nacamulli. All these names appear on this list of Venetian Jews who were deported by the Germans, despite the Italians having noted that the children were originally found "in such conditions as to make them untransportable." Their destinations were Auschwitz, where all of them died.

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