Monday, June 01, 2015

Filmed Testimony on Processing Dental Gold

In 1998, Degussa employee Erna Spiewak gave an interview for German TV in which she recalled processing gold from teeth extracted from concentration camp victims: 
The crowns and the bridges, there were those where the teeth were still attached....That was the most depressing ... It was probably just like it had been when broken out of a mouth. The teeth were still there and sometimes still bloody and with pieces of gum on them [source, p.46]

Peter Hayes, who studied Degussa on the firm's behalf, estimates that Auschwitz yielded 588kg of dental gold [source, p.338].  On the same page, Hayes notes a note to Himmler dated 6.2.43 that is on-line as NO-1257 [here & here] showing huge quantities of plundered personal items from supposedly "resettled" Jews, which, as Hayes summarizes, included "three tons of women’s hair...188,000 pairs of shoes; 479,000 men’s garments, 869,000 women’s, and 69,000 children’s; and 450,000 pieces of bedding and table linen."

There is evidence that human hair found in Kietrz contained traces of zyklon-B (see Lachendro's claims from 2009 here); this would converge with testimony that hair was cut after gassing, although deniers could claim (as Rudolf does here) that cut hair was treated separately.

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