Sunday, January 29, 2012

Serbian Military Report on Shooting of Jews and Gypsies

NOKW-905, Commander of 9th company, 433rd Infantry Regiment, to 704th Infantry Division, Report on the Shooting of Jews and Gypsies, 1/11/41, reproduced here:

The wives of the Jews were assembled in front of the camp. They were crying and screaming as we drove out...


The shooting of Jews is easier than that of Gypsies. It has to be admitted that Jews are very composed as they meet death – they stand very quietly – whereas the Gypsies cry, scream and constantly move around once they reach the execution site. Some of them even jumped into the ditches before the shots were fired and pretended to be dead.

At first my soldiers were not impressed. On the second day, however, it became clear that one or the other did not possess the nerves to carry out the executions for a longer period of time. It is my personal impression that one does not have any mental qualms while actually shooting. These appear days later while one reflects upon it quietly in the evening.


  1. Speaking of Serbs, which do Mattogno, Graf and Kues think about the action of the Ustasha in the Holocaust? I've never seen them mentioning anything about the Ustasha genocide.

  2. No, and I think partially that's because the Ustasha were stupid enough to photograph themselves committing the crimes; and partially because the killing methods were more like Rwanda (beheading by sword, bashing of skulls with hammers) so those deaths cannot be excused as necessary for anti-partisan warfare.

    Moreover, Croatia faced up to its past by putting Sakic on trial in his own country, although some parts of the Croatian catholic church still honor Sakic and the Ustasha (and it was a Vatican insider who allowed 500+ Ustasha to escape to Argentina).


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