Saturday, January 28, 2012

Denier Hoaxes: Ball and Krege

A minority at CODOH has started to realize that Krege's claimed work on Treblinka is a hoax, not simply because it is unpublished but because it claims no soil disturbance at all. As can be seen in this post and this one, the slightly smarter Kollerstrom and Kingfisher types of poster are aware that there would have to be some disturbance if the dead from transports and disease were buried there. The same criterion can be used to consign John Ball's balls to the trash: Ball argued here that the soil at all three Reinhard camps was undisturbed. Today, Ball's site still claims that "Belsec [sic] was actually a logging camp where tree stumps and thin soil would have prevented corpse burial." Moreover, in 2004, none other than Graf was sticking to the "no disturbances" line here: "all traces of similar soil disturbances are missing in Treblinka and Belzec." Graf 2004 therefore demurs from MGK 2010. Such is the empty vessel that sails from the remnants of pro-Nazi apologetics. [Footnote: thanks to Jason Myers for pointing me in the direction of Ball].

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