Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Quote of the day. The ship is sinking.

Author: Sergey Romanov
People at CODOH forum are starting to wake up the the things we've been saying for years about the censorship by Jonnie "Hannover" Hargis there.

Re: Dear Moderator...

by Friedrich Paul Berg » Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:46 pm

The arrogance and high-handed behavior of the "moderator" is appalling and destructive. Lots of people have, no doubt, walked away already.

Plus there's this:

Dear Moderator...

by Occam's Razor » Tue Dec 08, 2009 12:34 pm

Dear Moderator!

You deleted the thread "Is revisionism dependent upon forgery?", which was started by Wahrheit, with this justification:
This thread involves many issues which have been covered here before and should be discussed in individual threads, as the guidelines state. If any of you want the posts you made, let me know; otherwise this thread bites the dust.
Wahrheit asked a question which is, in my opinion, very relevant to revisionism. I am not aware that this question has been discussed here before. In fact I believe this is one of the most important questions for revisionists. It deals with the question how we approach problems (documents, photos) that we cannot answer or explain with certainty at the moment.

I value the time and effort that you put into this forum and I think that the guidelines for this forum make sense and should be adhered to.
But I think it was inappropriate and not very helpful to delete this thread.

There is obviously a resistance to start new threads when people are already engaged in a discussion. Most people feel it appropriate to respond inside the current thread, in the ongoing discussion. If you think such a response is inappropriate in a thread and a new thread should be started, why don't you make a comment in that thread and start a new thread or provide a link to an existing and appropriate thread, instead of deleting the whole thread without warning.

Has everyone in the thread I'm referring to responded in an inappropriate way? I think there were several replies that were very relevant and not off-topic, and that should not have been deleted. I think it is very unfair towards those who did not violate against the forum rules to delete the whole thread. And the topic of the thread certainly did not violate any forum guidelines. If you don't agree, please explain why.

The thread contained a few remarks from Wahrheit which could be interpreted as offensive or discouraging. Is that the real reason the thread was deleted? I think Wahrheit's questions are questions that every revisionists might ask himself sooner or later. Maybe there are good answers to these questions. But we will never know unless such questions can be asked here.

Now the impression that everyone gets who has doubts about the revisionist narrative is that anyone who has doubts is silenced and critical questions about the strategy of revisionists are not allowed. I am sure that was not your intention, but this impression might be the result.

Which replies were, in your opinion, inappropriate and off-topic? I replied specifically to Wahrheit's questions. In order to make my point I mentioned several examples. I intentionally mentioned them only very briefly, because I know that a more in-depht discussion of them would have been off-topic. But I felt it necessary to mention them because otherwise my reply would have been very abstract and maybe Wahrheit would not understand what I was trying to say.
Does that make sense?

Do the rules of this forum imply that any mention of a related topic, that has a meaningful connection to the topic of the thread, but could nevertheless be a separate topic, is strictly forbidden? Under this condition a meaningful discussion of many topics is impossible. With that reasoning you could probably delete 90% of all existing threads.

I agree that some replies in that thread went a bit too far, deviated too much from the topic. But not all replies. How are those that responded appropriately in the thread responsible for other forum members whose replies were off-topic? If I risk that any of my posts can be deleted just because somebody else posts a reply in the same thread that is off-topic, I lose my interest to post on this forum. It's frustrating.

Would you allow Wahrheit to ask his question again?
Was my post in that thread off-topic and / or inappropriate? Your justification for deleting the thread implies that you have a copy. Would you allow me to post it again in a new thread?


Wahrheit said...

Is there nowhere left to discuss the Holocaust where free-speech speech AND civility are respected??

Sergey Romanov said...

I don't think it's a free speech issue, but I get your point.

This only depends on the admins. CODOH is a joke in this respect, a prison, RODOH, on the other hand, became a sewer because of leniency of the admins, who tolerate self-professed trolls.

Maybe you could start your own forum? And let's see what happens.

Wahrheit said...

Well, it's free-speech on one forum (CODOH), and civility on another (RODOH).

As for my own forum, that's a headache I would rather avoid, and a task that I am too short on time to take on. Instead I would rather complain about others'.


Sergey Romanov said...

Me too :P

Nathaniel said...

Regarding RODOH, I couldn't help noticing that the link to you guys has been replaced with a link advertising "Thomas Dalton's" "Debating" the Holocaust. I always thought that the link advertising Turley's book and another linking to this blog was one of the means the moderator had of showing that

"This free-speech forum is predicated upon the idea that the other side is worthy of real open-debate, regardless of who the other side is."

But now, It only advertises one side of the "debate".

Maybe it is really dead

Sergey Romanov said...

Yup, and yesterday I removed the link to RODOH (not because of the fact you describe, which I didn't even notice).

I'm quite willing to participate in a debate forum akin to AHF (when it comes to moderatorship), but which would allow "revisionist" claims (but not where rampant antisemitism (not "revisionism"-related), racism and other forms of bigotry are allowed)).

Bela said...

Well, as I said on RODOH, I do agree that the laissez-faire attitude in moderation has gone too far when it allows personal attacks outside Sib. Ex. Currently dealing with LGR/Eowyn, who seems to think that just because I'm a newb, I'm an idiot. He's come over to my personal blog and I'm hard-pressed to play dictator and put my comments on moderation, just to make him feth off.

I have no probelm with the Revs. as long as civility is observed. I can even deal with thinly veiled snark. But some of the blatant racism, misogyny, anti-semitism etc. is getting kinda galling.

As for AHF not allowing Holo-Rev. discussion: We all know why. And I can sort of understand Marcus Wendel's decision.

Jonathan Harrison said...

Wiesel's physical attacker Eric Hunt has started posting there.

Jonathan Harrison said...