Saturday, November 29, 2008

News from denierbud

After we have long taunted the author of the "One Third of the Holocaust" video clips about his not linking to our rebuttals of his productions, it's only fair to point out that he has finally linked to those rebuttals, on the "Rebuttals" page of a new site on which denierbud has put together all his videos and writings.

I don't know how long the text quoted below has been there as I don't look up denierbud's publications on a regular basis, so I'll assume it's at least as old as denierbud's new site:

This website will publish any rebuttal written by a full or associate professor in a History department of a recognized university, right here, unedited, at the top of this page.

Currently there are rebuttals written to episodes of One Third of the Holocaust. They are written by people who are not tenured professors in History departments, and the writers do engage in ad hominem put downs. Nevertheless they can be found here. Read them and make your own decision.

One wonders who denierbud thinks he is to require rebuttals from "tenured professors in History departments". Does he have any academic credentials? If so, that's not what becomes apparent from the arguments in his videos and writings, which are sometimes hilariously infantile. And someone who makes such high demands on the qualification of who writes rebuttals to his wisdom should at least reveal who he is and what educational background he has. Tenured professors in history departments of recognized universities might want to know who they are addressing.

As to the fellow's second argument, it's an amusing spectacle to see someone indulge in something as offensive as denying the proven murder of millions of innocent people and at the same time complain about "ad hominem put downs". This hypocritical whining and the nitpicking about his critics' academic qualifications seem to be the only arguments denierbud can offer against our rebuttals.

Anyway, we recommend our readers to do just what denierbud asks his readers to do: watch the videos and read what denierbud has written, then read our rebuttals, then decide for yourselves about the merit of one and the other.

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