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Mass Graves at Sobibor – 6th Update

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On page 2 of the CODOH thread My email to archeological 'expert' Yoram Haimi , Gerdes’ feeble-minded companions "MrNobody" (post of Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:29 am) and "KostasL" (post of Wed Sep 24, 2008 11:44 am) displayed their genius with unsurprisingly imbecilic "could be cattle or dinosaur bones that someone put there" – joking.

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Surprisingly Laurentz Dahl, who is arguably the only poster with some intelligence in the Cesspit, joined the chorus of cretins with his post of Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:05 pm. But then, even the brighter "Revisionists" can’t help being the trash they are.

What’s not surprising is that Gerdes managed to exceed the inanity of his buddies' utterances with the following wisdom, see his post Wed Sep 24, 2008 8:21 pm:

Isn't it funny, if a few bits of bone fragments are supposed to be evidence of mass murder, then there are about - oh, a trillion piles of such evidence for mass murder spread around the state of Montana. Gee, who woulda-thunk-it that one could find some bones in the woods?

If bone fragments happened to litter the area around known mass graves in a place where all known evidence shows mass murder to have occurred, such as Sobibor, they would be evidence to mass murder among other evidence, of course. As I have often said on the VNN thread Archeological Investigations of Treblinka, Gerdes should get himself a brain.

But Gerdian brilliance didn't stop there.

The fact is, not so much as one single bone fragment proven to be human has ever been located / proven to exist at Sobibor. Not one single grave has been located that contains a single body or even an ounce of human bone, an ounce of human ash, or even so much as a single human tooth. NOT ONE!

As even Gerdes should understand, the presence of bone fragments at a place where mass murder is shown by all known evidence to have occurred is at least prima facie evidence that the bone fragments are fragments of human bones, meaning that the burden of proving that the bone fragments are not human lies with who so alleges.

As to his "not one single grave" prayer, the fellow is obviously trying to tell us that there are no human remains underneath four notably greener areas clearly visible on the below commented enlargement of a section from a satellite photo kindly provided by Gerdes himself:

Never mind that Gerdes has no explanation – just the hollow "turf building" and "landscaping" conspiracy theories mentioned in the 1st update – for the distinctly greener coloration of the areas I numbered, for which the fertilizing effect of the human remains underneath is a plausible explanation also in line with the evidence.

Never mind that these green areas coincide with mass grave areas identified and mapped by a renowned professional archaeologist in 2001, mostly on the basis of core drills resulting in soil samples like those shown in the following photos:

which reveal subsoil layers of light-gray and white substances that are obviously ashes of bone and tissue (the former) and bone ash or lime (the latter), without Gerdes being able to provide an alternative explanation.

Never mind that Gerdes cannot explain away the fact that all eyewitnesses to what happened at Sobibor in 1942/43 described an extermination camp, including former inmates cross-examined at trials before West German courts and former members of the SS staff like Karl Frenzel.

Never mind, last but not least, that Gerdes cannot explain why the alleged transportation via "transit camp" Sobibor to the Nazi-occupied Soviet territories and resettlement there of at least about 150,000 Jews (the number of deportees to Sobibor that can be established on hand of documentary evidence alone) left no single transportation or administrative document, not the tiniest piece of the expectably huge paper trail that such an operation would have generated, and neither a single out of thousands upon thousands of expectable eyewitnesses. Or why only several dozen of those deportees were still alive at the end of World War II.

FYI - The only human bones (which were known to the jews to be from a non jew), that were ever to be seen at Sobibor (in the glass display case), have disappeared!

As mentioned in the 1st update, the glass display containing human remains that can be seen on this photo, featured in the Archives of The Ghetto Fighters House and included in my thread Mass Graves and Dead Bodies:

is not part of the "ash mountain" monument anymore. Why the glass display was removed and where its contents were placed is not known to either me or Gerdes. But Gerdes wouldn’t be Gerdes if he didn’t have a faith-conforming conspiracy theory at hand:

They are now, most likely, under the anti-investigation cap put over the "huge mountain of human remains" so frauds like Yoram can say with a straight face that the "ash" mountain "contains" human remains. Not - comprised of, but "contains."

Or maybe he’s just venting his rage over the fact that Yoram Haimi has realized what a hopeless wacko Gerdes is and accordingly stopped responding to the wacko’s hysterical e-mails.

65 years since the alleged mass murder of 250,000 jews.

65 years have gone by since the deportations to Sobibor in 1942/43, and still no more than several dozen survivors from among the deportees (about 150,000 according to documentary evidence, 250,000 according to some estimates), allegedly transported to the Nazi-occupied Soviet territories via "transit camp" Sobibor, have become known. Go figure. The rest must have been abducted by flying saucers, if one is to accept the "transit camp" theory proclaimed by the likes of Gerdes.

Two separate "discoveries" (one put down the memory hole - why?) of the alleged "huge mass graves."

One wonders what Gerdes considers the first discovery of the mass graves.

Could it be that he’s referring to the postwar robbery-digging mentioned in the 3rd update and visible on photos shown there?

Or does he consider Prof. Kola’s archaeological investigation in 2001 to have been the first discovery, and corroboration of Prof. Kola’s mapping of the graves by air and satellite photographs the second?

The construction (and subsequent refurbishing) of a "huge mountain of human remains."

Actually I don’t remember having seen a description or photo caption concerning the "ash mountain" monument at Sobibor that called it a "huge" mountain of human remains.

An archeological "investigation" conducted by the fraud Kola.

Correction: an archaeological investigation conducted in 2001 by a renowned archaeologist, lamely called a "fraud" by one of the most obvious frauds in "Revisionist" cloud-cuckoo-land.

An ongoing (8 year) archeological "project" conducted by the fraud Yoram Haimi.

A lie from that same fraud, who like I knows from the website of the Sobibor Archaeology Project that this project started work on site in October 2007.

What is more, Gerdes is repeating a lie already included in his last e-mail to Yoram Haimi and in his post of Tue Sep 23, 2008 8:34 pm (see the 5th update), after I called his attention to that update (see my post # 1336 on the VNN thread). It seems that Gerdes is infantile enough to repeat a lie out of spite.

A $100,000.00 reward for locating / proving the existence of just 1/10th of 1% of the bone fragments or teeth of the alleged murder victims.

See my VNN posts # 1327 and # 1336 about the probable reasons for the recent reformulation of Gerdes’ requirements for claiming this reward.

The results?

Not an iota of human remains has EVER been proven to have been located / proven to exist at the Sobibor site.


Yeah, sure, Mr. Gerdes. Not an iota in these samples that you cannot otherwise explain, right?

Not an iota underneath these green areas coinciding with an archaeologist’s mapping of mass graves, right?

Not an iota of evidence speaking against the conclusion that at least 150,000 people were murdered at Sobibor and their remains lie buried in this area, that’s what we have.

And not an iota of the honesty and courage it would take for Gerdes to admit this, of course.

Maybe 65 years just isn't enough time?

Maybe 8 years just isn’t enough time?

Maybe $100,000.00 just isn't enough of an incentive?

Maybe the jews just don't want to put an end to holocaust denial?

Or maybe it’s just not considered necessary by most to further disturb the peace of the dead in order to further confirm or increase knowledge about something that has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt already.

And maybe one should also bear in mind that graveyards and mass graves are not places where one can do archaeological digging just like that, without an official permission that must overcome considerations of respect for the peace of the dead existing, as far as I know, in any culture and religion, and that won’t be granted any faster just because a sick and cowardly liar waves a reward he will obviously avoid having to pay no matter what evidence he is shown.

As I have often said on the VNN thread VNN thread Archeological Investigations of Treblinka, Gerdes should get himself a brain.

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