Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mass Graves at Sobibor – 4th Update

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Following Gerdes’ posts commented in the previous update, posting on the thread My email to archeological 'expert' Yoram Haimi has interestingly not amounted to much.

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In his post of Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:29, "KostasL" gave a speech about the possibilities of modern archaeology, marveling at how archaeologists managed to establish that Napoleonic soldiers in the 1812 Russian campaign died of famine rather than typhus (famine has an impact on the bones and can thus be established by examining the bones; whether death from carbon monoxide poisoning or suffocation can be established on the basis of bone fragments, whole bones or even whole bodies in wax-fat transformation is another matter).

Laurentz Dahl, in his post of Mon Sep 15, 2008 7:10 on the same thread, echoed his brother-in-spirit’s praise of modern archaeology and mused about why Prof. Kola didn’t publish his findings regardless of payment or applied to the USHMM "for the necessary bucks".

In his post of Mon Sep 15, 2008 10:58, Jonni "Hannover" Hargis, a.k.a. Mr. "This is too easy" (so easy that you never dare to post outside your own forum and don’t even allow opposition in there, right, Jonni?) spins another of his idiotic conspiracy theories about the "judeo-supremacist 'holocaust' Industry" and claims that "Revisionists" have shown "on this forum and elsewhere" that "Kola has nothing" (where exactly are "Revisionists" supposed to have shown that, Jonni? ).

One thing is interestingly missing in all this crackpot babbling: none of the self-appointed truth-seekers says another word about the Sobibor mass grave areas that can be made out on the air photo taken in July 2008 by Paul Bauman, which was sent to me by Yoram Haimi, director of the Sobibor Archaeological Project:

and on the satellite photo found and pointed out by Gerdes, an enlarged segment of which is shown below:

These notably greener areas, as pointed out in this article's 1st update, coincide with mass grave areas plotted on an unpublished map related to Prof. Kola's archaeological investigation of the Sobibor area in 2001, which are also drawn on the memorial map shown below:

None of those enlightened "Revisionist" spirits, not even the comparatively capable Dahl, has even attempted to explain this coincidence, or to provide an alternative explanation for the greener areas that would be more convincing than the "crop sowing" nonsense peddled by the genius who appropriately calls himself "MrNobody" (see the original article) or Gerdes’ inane fantasy about manipulative landscaping and turf-building, commented in the 1st update.

That’s what I would call deafening silence.

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