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Mass Graves at Sobibor – 2nd Update

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In his post of Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:18 am on the on the CODOH thread My email to archeological 'expert' Yoram Haimi, Gerdes writes the following:

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OK, if all this sounds a little garbled, it's because I'm dealing with a couple of the biggest mealy-mouthed liars on the planet. But we are getting somewhere. This is an RM quote from VNN post #1137:

"Anyway, the seven mass graves are the white areas numbered "81" on this plan:

PHOTO (I don't have a link to this map - but I'll try to get it.)

"These areas look so much like the mass grave areas pointed out on the map from Prof. Kola’s 2001 investigation (which I received from Yoram Haimi in a .tif – file attached to an e-mail on September 2, 2008 6:52:18 PM, and which also numbers the mass graves, of which two are in the big area "below" the monument that resembles an inverted "L"), that I presume Prof. Kola’s findings were taken into consideration when drawing this map.

As to Prof. Kola’s map itself, you’ll have to wait a little longer. In an e-mail sent today (September 7, 2008 8:34:50 AM) Yoram Haimi told me the following (after I asked him whether it was OK to publish this map):

With regard to Kola's plan, it would probably be wise to ask his permission prior to showing this on the internet since it is not currently public domain.

We don’t want to make Prof. Kola angrier than he is already by publishing this map without his permission, do we, Mr. Gerdes? After all we both want him to publish a detailed report about his findings at Sobibor in 2001.

So, If I have this straight, this photo here:

DOES show the area where the 7 alleged "huge mass graves" are located. I.e. - all are in the clearing area around the monument.

Note: The map had shown that two of the alleged graves were away from the monument:

Do keep in mind that the information I'm trying to decipher is from one of the sleaziest mealy-mouthed liars on the planet.

I guess it’s a compliment to be called "one of the sleaziest mealy-mouthed liars on the planet" by one of the most mendacious, obnoxious and paranoid intellectual midgets in "Revisionist" cloud-cuckoo-land. Gerdes isn't the only "Revisionist" charlatan who keeps accusing an opponent of his own fallacies.

Here you can see how Gerdes tried to get the link to the Sobibor memorial map:

which I first showed him in my VNN post # 1137, by the way. Greg Gerdes in all his splendor. The link to the website featuring this map, the site of the Association "Friends of Sobibor Rememberance" (path: Masterplan > Camp Plan), is provided in the original article of this series.

So is the map made in 2002 by B. Rutherford and shown on this page:

This map has a depiction of the mass grave areas around the circular "ash mountain" monument in the former "Camp III" section of Sobibor similar to that on Prof. Kola's map but with some differences, which will be discussed below. It also shows two small mass graves outside the area of "Camp III".

The four mass grave areas that I pointed out on this edited enlargement of the satellite photo provided by Gerdes:

can be matched with Rutherford's map. Note that the huge "L" – shaped mass grave area on the eastern side of the monument contains two mass graves according to Prof. Kola’s map of which I have a copy in my possession – "Grób 1/2001", the largest of all mass graves, and another "grób" (= "tomb") at the "base" of the "L", which is partially covered by the monument and the number of which I cannot make out under the map's black shading signaling "tombs" ("groby").

Rutherford's map also shows a more or less rectangular mass grave on the western side of the monument, which is plotted on Prof. Kola’s map and the number of which I also cannot make out under the shading.

What Rutherford's map doesn’t show is a smaller oval-shaped grave on the south-eastern side of the monument and partially covered by the same, which is called "Grób 5/2001" on Prof. Kola’s map.

Also not shown on Rutherford’s map is a small grave to the south of the big "Grób 1/2001", which in Prof. Kola’s map is identified as "Grób 7/2001 (?)". The reason for the question mark I do not know; maybe Prof. Kola was uncertain if this was a mass grave in which bodies had been buried before it was emptied or a pit made only to drop the ashes after burning the bodies on a cremation grid. Interestingly Rutherford’s map has symbols representing cremation grids in the areas where Prof. Kola plotted "Grób 5/2001" and "Grób 7/2001 (?)".

The areas of the more or less rectangular mass grave on the western side of the monument, as well as the areas of "Grób 5/2001" and "Grób 7/2001 (?)", do not have the same distinctly greener color pattern as "Grób" 2/2001" (area "1" on the edited satellite photo enlargement), "Grob 6/2001" (area "2"), "Grob 1/2001" (area "3") and the part of the base of the inverted "L" that is not covered by the circular monument (area "4"). Why this is so is a question worth examining, which I shall try to clarify with Yoram Haimi.

Gerdes is right in that we're getting somewhere, and unless he has lost all contact with reality he should be aware that it's not where he wants to get. We’re in the process of learning as much as possible about the mass graves in the "Camp III" section of Sobibor – and though we’re still much at the beginning of the process, things don’t look good for "Revisionism".

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