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My CODOH Posting Record

Apparently Jonnie "Hannover" Hargis no longer allows posts to be made about me during the week. Whatever. Coward that he is, he still posts about me on the weekends, and he still denies the Holocaust from his desk at UCLA.

So it goes.

Anyway, his two most recent posts about me can be read on this thread.

Point #1, should anyone be interested, I do intend on debating Jim Condit somewhere in the Philadelphia area in the spring.

Point #2, I looked over the posts by or about me that Hargis referenced in his post of October 22. Here they all are:
'Holo. Hist. Proj. rep. attempts to intimidate Bradley Smith'

'Holo. Hist. Proj.'s Andrew Mathis humidity/gassing canard'

'holocaust' denial article by Andrew Mathis debunked here'

'Prof. Mc Nally dissects HHP's Andrew Mathis' bogus article'

'Holo. Hist. Proj.'s Andrew Mathis on Zyklon scent removal'

'Green, Mathis refuted / cyanide: lice, humans, & more'

'Believer org. spokesman, Andrew Mathis, demolished in debate'

'Holo. Hist. Proj.'s Andrew Mathis attempts damage control'

'Email from Andrew Mathis (The Holocaust History Project)'

'holocaust' History Project to unveil section on Treblinka'
So I checked them out, because I hadn't looked at them in a while. Here's what I see:

Read more!


Actually, I'm 100 percent correct on this point, as Hargis's recent lapse in posting about me during the work week has indicated.


Here we get pointed to another CODOH thread:

This thread was begun on November 24, 2002, when I was not allowed to post at CODOH by Hargis. I entered the thread on April 16, 2004, after "code yellow" expressed confusion (go figure) over the inconsistency of cyanide staining (something Dr. Green refuted conclusively in Leuchter, Rudolf & the Iron Blues). Hargis had only cited Rudolf. I wonder why?

So I jump in, with my post of Apr. 16, 2004, at 5:18 a.m. The first person to make a substantive response to me is "Claudia Rothenbach," who contests the notions that humidity would help the release of cyanide gas from Zyklon-B and that the Sonderkommando wore gas masks. I responded that Green, a physical chemist, disagreed on the first point and that Höss probably hadn't made a blanket statement. "Claudia" then insulted Dr. Green and referred to a German-language book on Höss.

(There is also my response to "code yellow" of April 16, 4:36 p.m., in which I point out that no one credible ever claimed over 12,000 gassed in one day at Auschwitz and that I even had my doubts about a number that high.)

My final post in the thread is in response to Hargis, who claims that Rudolf is right and Green is wrong. I concede on April 16 at 4:40 p.m. that we are at loggerheads and no further debate is going to be fruitful, so I exit the thread.

In other words, I followed the rules. But these idiots continued for another four full pages of responses after I'd gone. This is a "revisionist" victory?


This is a thread on my article General Semantics and Holocaust Denial, in which I was not allowed to participate.


The same thing happens here, though I do rip McNally a new anus here.


This is a link back go a thread we already dealt with:

Hargis comments on the wire-mesh columns as a lame rebuttal to me. I have copies of the requisition forms, however, as well as the response from DEGESCH.


Again, a link to the same thread.


Another post, this time extremely pathetically to a cherry-picked thread from the old CODOH forum, where Hargis did not moderate. But go to this thread. Do I lose?

My debate with Ralph Marquardt ("Cat Scan") ends inconclusively, I'd say. I basically ignore "Alacran." The rest is my debate with Hargis. Hargis remarks (how it's relevant to the thread, don't ask me): "Typical Auschwitz ‘witnesses’ Dov Paisikovic, states that the cremation of one body took about four minutes! - Leon Poliakov, Auschwitz, René Julliard, Paris 1964, p. 159 ff." This book is in French, and I'm quite sure Hargis never read it. I don't know the accuracy of the quote, but when I respond that "Standard commercial crematoria and the ovens of Auschwitz are not in any way comparable," Hargis dumbly counters, "Correct. Today's crematoria have higher capacities and work faster that the 1940s technology of A/B. I would certainly like to see 'evidence' to the contrary."

He could simply go to a funeral home. There are plenty in Los Angeles. When I put him to a yes or no question -- Are today's commercial crematory ovens built so that up to four bodies can be cremated at a time? -- he won't answer with a yes or no. Scott Smith of RODOH finally answers the question -- no, they are no comparable. Hargis finishes with the same sad bullshit story.

And this is one of his links to show that I'm a poor debater? Pardon my French, but Hargis is made to look like a fucking idiot here, and he's made to look so by me.


This points again to the thread in (5). We are offered Witold Pilecki, Primo Levi, and Rosa Robota as "credible witnesses" to 20,000 gassings in a day. Levi and Robota were never in Birkenau. Pitecki had escaped Auschwitz before this 20,000 claim had been made. Robota was dead. You can check all this using Hargis's own links. The man sinks his own arguments. Quite pathetic.


"Friedrich Braun" of Canada begins this tread. I had been re-banned by then.

Hargis responds with the old CODOH Forum thread above, where he is clearly pwn3d by me, and he says I engage in ad hominem and false claims and am "desperate." I think my own ad hominem claim was against Faurisson, and it's actually a true story. None of my claims is false, and I defy Hargis to prove otherwise.


Basically an attack on Yankel Wiernik and answered by myself, Roberto, and Sergey here.

This is Hargis's grand attack on me. What a pathetic old man.

By the way, isn't it a strange coincidence that "Goethe" posted the identical list? So did the late, lamented "Herr Flick" when he first came to RODOH. A sad bunch, tis true.

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