Monday, November 06, 2006

I Intend To Be Obscene

Author: Andrew E. Mathis
So if you don't like dirty language, then don't read the rest of this post.

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Jonnie Hargis does it again, proving that he is thoroughly without testicles, but at the same time showing such brass balls (on loan, one must suppose) that it literally stultifies the reader.

Today, in this thread about me, the shitstain actually had the nerve to say that, because Jim Condit said to me that he would be unable to get together to debate me until the spring, I am "weaseling out."

Oh, my fucking God. Does this guy have any ground to call anyone a weasel?

Let's go over the record once more, just to be God-damned sure what a fucking pussy we're dealing with when dealing with Jonnie A. Hargis of UCLA:

(1) He appears on the CODOH Forum seven years ago or so and is a moderator of the forum and a participant, thus rigging every debate so it appears as if he's the winner.

(2) When the CODOH Forum is updated a year or two later, Hargis, in a moment of stupidity that is not utter but does approach it, registers a Moderator account under the name "MaeDay" and puts as the name of this person "v. Hannover." When I find this out and confront former CODOH Moderator David Thomas (who hates Hargis) with this, Hargis is ousted as a moderator. I thoroughly spank him on a daily basis, and it is only through the grace of Ralph Marquardt (a.k.a. Cat Scan, another denier who hates Hargis) that his fat is occasionally pulled from the fire.

(3) Before I discover who "MaeDay" is, Jonnie "I Am Woman" Hargis tries to ban me from the new CODOH Forum before I am even able to register, whining to David Thomas that I have "no respect for Revisionism [sic]," which, of course, I don't. Thomas overrules him and Hargis gets his fucking panties in a bunch.

(4) Doing a bit of sleuth work and then trolling him in e-mail, Philip Mathews and I discover that "Hannover" is, in fact, Jonnie Hargis. When, on the day after the 9/11 attacks, Hargis is suspended from his job for what is probably the only protected speech act he ever committed in his miserable fucking life, I post a new article about this to the CODOH Forum. Once again, as the French say, Hargis's ass eats his underwear, and Marquardt removes the thread.

(5) Finally exasperating everyone, the CODOH Forum shuts down. Hargis convinces the immense coward (but not as big as Hargis) John Clive Ball to let him moderate the forum at As one would expect, the "moderation" is heavy-handed and downright fucking fascistic.

(6) Eventually the air-photo forum is migrated to Meanwhile, Scott Smith forms RODOH and many former CODOH Forum users begin posting there. When Hargis begins attacking us, like some fucking eunuch, from behind the walls of his Führerbunker, where he won't let any of us in, we expose him for who he is.

(7) In a lapse that can only be called gigantic, Fritz Berg admits to Scott Smith that Hargis is, in fact, Hannover.

(8) I am allowed into the yourforum Forum to debate until I make Hargis my bitch to such an extreme that he bans me -- again.

(9) Since then, he has not stopped baiting me from a place where I am banned from entering, and he still has not developed enough sack to admit that he is Hargis.

I'm willing to take nominations for the biggest fucking Nancy-boy on the Internet (and I mean this in no derogatory way to any of my homosexual friends and/or colleagues -- it's all about masculinity and not about sexual orientation), but I'm pretty sure Jonnie A. Hargis takes the cake.

And if you can find a bigger fucking weasel while you're at it, I'd love to hear all about it.

And let Jonnie Hargis be on warning that should I ever find myself in the Young Library at UCLA, I will be demanding an ad hoc debate on the Holocaust with Her Highness.

I'll tell you something: I don't believe in Hell, but a Jew-hating cowardly piece of shit like Hargis makes me long that there were...


Andrew E. Mathis said...

And predictably, Madame Hargis responds with this:

How very sad.


TrueVoice said...

A. Mathis -- In another post on the same thread:

"It would appear we have a criminal on our hands, who as a sideline, makes a fool of himself trying to defend that which cannot be defended, the 'Holocaust'."

Coming from people who cannot defend revisionism except from the safety of their bunker, this is truly ironic. But, free speech is only for those expressing views that are promoting truth as Hargis/Hannover would like it to be, right?

I have a question, Dr. Mathis -- why is Hannover so infatuated with you? Is it just that you've gotten his goat so many times, or is there something else going on? (just wondering, if you feel like saying)

Andrew E. Mathis said...

I think it's precisely that.


Scott Smith said...

ANDREW said:

<< In a lapse that can only be called gigantic, Fritz Berg admits to Scott Smith that Hargis is, in fact, Hannover.

Actually, nobody made any "gigantic lapses" unless it was me.

I merely said that Hannover not being Hargis was nonsense and that I was not alone in knowing this.

And the only reason that I said anything about it was because I was lied to by Hannover/Hargis and was therefore offended to be taken for a fool, otherwise I would have tried to protect his anonymity in spite of the differences between us.

Since both mine and Mr. Berg's names keep getting brought up in this, it is clear that I made a gigantic mistake with MY big mouth.