Saturday, September 23, 2006


We've had fun recently with Kiwichap, aka SeymoreG at RODOH and, as 'Antipodes', almost single-handedly responsible for the closing of the Skeptic Forum WWII section because of what was deemed excessive racism.

Anyway, the loss of an entire platform has meant that the fundamentalist Christian freak has had to return to the Cesspit to practice his stupidities. This time, the bright spark stumbled across news International Research Project on Jewish Soldiers and Prisoners of War in World War II and boggled at the quoted figure of 200,000 Jewish POWs captured by the Germans.

Had the intrepid New Zealander performed a simple Google, he might have come across no fewer than 1,320,000 hits for 'Jewish POWs', of which quite a number might have helped him with his comprehension problems. Most of all, he might have realised that just because his antisemitic buddies and he think of 'the Jews' as a unified people today, doesn't mean that the Nazis could proceed against 'the Jews' uniformly in the 1940s. How many countries was it that Hitler invaded and fought against, again?

Take this short excerpt of a conference paper by noted German historian Rüdiger Overmans, for example. There he might have learnt that the Germans released the POWs captured from the Greek and Yugoslav Armies, which meant they rounded up the Jewish POWs later - partly because in those countries, the Nazis didn't call all the shots, because they shared spheres of influence with Mussolini. Or he might have found this interesting page on Jewish POWs in Colditz, many from nations which happened to have captured rather a lot of German prisoners of war, who might have fallen victim to reprisals had the Nazis tried to deport British, US, Canadian and other Commonwealth nationals to death camps, in breach of the Geneva Convention. While we appreciate that in many respects, Kiwichap's hero Dolfy was not the cleverest of strategists, the Nazis weren't completely stupid and had to respect certain boundaries out of pure Realpolitik.

Not so in the east, as Kiwichap might have learned regarding Polish Jewish POWs if he'd clicked here or here [Large PDF]. Indeed, he might sooner of later have come across the potentially shocking (to deniers, that is) fact that the SS first carried out four-figure mass executions against Polish Jewish prisoners of war.

As for Soviet Jewish POWs, we'll forgive him his presumable inability to read Russian and thus to access this mammoth two-volume work by Aron Shneer on the fate of Jewish Red Army prisoners of war, now online in full and for free, and instead direct him back to Google, this time to search among the 341,000 hits for 'commissar order'.

Such, then, is the state of 'revisionist research' at the Cesspit these days. Another trial balloon floated to convince themselves that the Holocaust Never Happened, another balloon shot down. If we were even vaguely sympathetic to 'revisionism', we'd be embarrassed for the poor little dears.


  1. It's worth noting that Jewish soldiers from Britain, Canada, and the United States left their religion off their paybooks and dogtags, fearing capture by the Germans and murder thereof.

    This led to an odd fate for a Canadian member of the Winnipeg Grenadiers named Rosenberg. The latter is a common Jewish name, and he omitted his religion from his documents when he enlisted, presumably fearing capture by the Germans.

    The Winnipeg Grenadiers and the Royal Rifles of Canada became the first Canadian battalions to see ground combat in World War II, which may have validated Pvt. Rosenberg's concerns, but the irony was that they fought in the defense of Hong Kong, from December 7 to December 25, 1941, against the Japanese, who bore the Jews little more ill-will than any other gaijin.

    Rosenberg died in the defense of Hong Kong, and lies buried in the Sai Wan Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery. Since he omitted a religion from his paperwork, there is neither a cross nor a Star of David over his name on his CWGC tombstone.

    I saw the stone myself and got it on videotape.

  2. The only sympathy I have for them is that they waste vast amounts of time, life, and energy on spreading equally vast amounts of poison and filth upon society, to compensate for their own miserable lives.

    There is a reason the vast majority of people ignore Holocaust deniers, and it's not because they are "sheeple," it's because they accept the burden of ordinary responsibilities, like jobs, careers, families, and upholding law and nation.

    I compare this with the lives and behaviors of neo-Nazis in the US and other places. The ones who are better-known are better-known for activities like drug dealing, bank robbery, murder, illegal firearms possession and sale, and other ghastly acts.

    The ones who are less well-known, the internet psychophants for example, fondly believe they are advancing the great cause of the white race by hurling idiocies, misstatements, derision, contempt, and veiled threats across cyberspace, while hiding from their opponents behind the cowardly screen of the internet...and hiding from the realities of life and the world and their own failures in it by attributing said failures to non-existent malignancies and devoting their time to these idiotic causes instead of taking positive measures to raise up their lives.

    Or in simple terms: they won't take a bath, take a class, get a job, move out of Mommy's basement, and shed the faux Nazi uniforms and memorabilia...but they still expect that they deserve to have a trophy wife, a huge mansion, and most importantly, $600,000-a-year jobs as Gruppenfuehrer of the Northeast district, command of a dozen slave labor camps where Jews, blacks, Latinos...and most importantly, the people who bullied them in school or counter-attacked them on the internet are tortured to death in a variety of ways.

    And holding said position, wife, and house merely by virtue of their adherence to some "White Nationalist" or neo-Nazi organization, and being white. Not by education, training, experience, or development of any human skill.

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  4. Just wanted the Lurker to know that it was I and not Nick who deleted his remark.


  5. kiwichap is a typical case of a mental patient joining the "revisionist" cause. He can't deal with any rational arguments, so he has to spout BS all day long :-)

  6. The Skeptic's WWII forum was not closed until long after Kikichap's diatribe but because of Globus's never ending attacks on fellow posters.

    Check the time-line.

  7. I have inside information that says otherwise ;-)

  8. As I recall, the first time the forum was shut down, it was done immediately following your outburst to another poster and it seems to me that Jim would have done the same thing again if it was shut down because of Antipodes, instead he waits several days. But, if you have inside information, I’m sure you’re correct. It’s hard to imagine, though, that Globus wasn’t partly responsible; he was so irascible near the end that he was pissing all over himself. No matter, it’s moot.

    Changing the subject a bit, I was reading David Irving’s The Secret Diaries Of Hitler’s Doctor (informative book and had not David researched and written it, it simply would not have gotten done. None too flattering of either Hitler or Morrell by the way) and I got to thinking: this man is actually sitting in a jail cell in one of the most civilised nations on the planet. Does that bother you at all? I should think it would scare the crap out of you. In 40 years, you might be sitting in jail for what you study, write, and think?

  9. "Does that bother you at all?"

    Sure. Irving should be free.

    But every time deniers bring up the topic of the persecution of deniers in response to specific anti-denial arguments, they may gain points psychologically, but they totally lose intellectually.

  10. >Does that bother you at all?"

    Sure. Irving should be free.

    But every time deniers bring up the topic of the persecution of deniers in response to specific anti-denial arguments, they may gain points psychologically, but they totally lose intellectually.

    I feel the same way. I know that the function of a civil resister is to challenge the law so as to make the government change the law, but I have difficulty in seeing David Irving, a bully and an extorter, as a civil resister.

    Nevertheless, laws that ban his type of speech are counter-productive. They turn people from being objects of derision and ridicule into becoming martyrs for free speech, and assigns to them a halo of truth and a role as champion of liberty that they neither merit nor deserve.

    Austria, however, is a functioning democracy. It is the task of her people and her legislators to change the law. I think they should, and tighten the focus to be against speech that calls upon people to commit criminal acts and hate crimes, but their history is unique...Austria was the birthplace of Hitler...they don't want a rebirth of him and his politics on their soil. They still feel it's too fertile.


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