Sunday, August 13, 2006

More despicable attacks on a Holocaust survivor

At the so-called "Intellectual Conservative" site we see this ugly shriek:
Soros was born a Hungarian Jew who escaped Auschwitz during the Second World War by posing as the god-child of a government official. From there the story turned horrific, as it was this particular official’s task to confiscate property from the — soon-to-be dead — Jews. Young Soros duly accompanied his protector on his rounds while doing side work running deportation messages for the Nazi-installed Judenrat. His bosses there existed to smooth over many of the difficulties among the Jewish population which inevitably arose as they were methodically robbed, beaten, sealed in ghettos, and earmarked for extinction. Their work was invaluable to men like Adolf Eichmann, as they removed many of the obstacles which could have delayed the factory-style exterminations that he coordinated.
They don't ever quote from Tivadar Soros' book Masquerade. According to Rebecca Mead (emphasis mine):
In the book, Tivadar writes that at one point young George was required by the authorities to deliver notices to certain Jews that they should report to the Rabbinical Seminary with blankets and food. "This was a profoundly important experience for me," George said. "My father said, 'You should go ahead and deliver them, but tell the people that if they report they will be deported.' The reply from one man was 'I am a law-abiding citizen. They can't do anything to me.' I told my father, and that was an occasion for a lecture that there are times when you have laws that are immoral, and if you obey them you perish."

Update: David Horowitz responds

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  1. I just heard Pat Robertson say that Soros confiscated property from Jews and then sent them to the gas chamber.

    He also said he owns MoveOn--"It's his organization, you know."


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