Friday, August 25, 2006

Lying Moonbat strikes again

Far right propagandist David Horowitz on Pat Robertson's program:
Soros, when he was young, the family name was Schwartz. It was changed to Soros in 1936. And when he was a young man in fascist Hungary, he came under the protection of one of the fascist leaders of Hungary, and they went around -- he was a young man, to be said in his defense, there -- but he went around confiscating Jewish property prior to sending the Jews who owned it to the gas chambers. Now, he was asked on 60 Minutes by [co-host] Steve Kroft if he felt any guilt over that, and he said none whatsoever.
I have already written about this here and here.

It's not really surprising that such a history-distorting sack of manure would be featuring a suspected Holocaust denier Robert Boatman on his site. Click here to see what I'm talking about. Just one quote from Boatman's article:
No less a scholar than Dr. Robert Faurisson of France has compiled a mountain of evidence establishing that the [Anne Frank's] diary is a literary hoax from beginning to end.
Update: read more about Boatman.
Update: Boatman to be removed from Horowitz's site.
Update: David Horowitz responds

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