Friday, August 25, 2006

More about Boatman

In continuation of the previous posting, it seems that Robert Boatman left some traces in Usenet. His e-mail is (was?) and here's what the Google Groups archives contain (emphasis mine):
If Hillary were in the hospital with cancer (I wish!), who do you think Pinocchio would be screwing?
You may be disappointed but you should not be surprised. Jews invented hate-mongering and the big lie, and continue to be masters at the practice of both. There is only one final solution.
Jews fight back? What a novel concept. Why don't you just teach them to control their bedwetting instead.
Lighten up. I'm an American and I couldn't agree more with the original writer. Too bad Lee [Harvey Oswald - SR] isn't around today when we really need him.
And the final gem, from
Mature real man in search of fantasy young daughter for e-mail correspondence.
Robert H. Boatman

Moonbat says:

Hey! I like that guy! (Except for that 'daughter' bit.)
Update: Boatman to be removed from Horowitz's site.

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