Monday, August 28, 2006

The Cesspit just keeps on giving

Yet another circus act, this time from "vincentferrer" and "Haldan".

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I found a item on ebay recently which has become a great tool for introducing Holocaust Revisionism to people, who might not otherwise ever ask about it.

If you search on ebay using the keyword Maximilian Kolbe, you will find a seller offering $ .98 black stickers, 2x3.5 inches in size. These stickers are a little smaller than a credit card and have large white numbers on
them: 16670. In very small print it then says, St. Maximilian Kolbe, pray for us.

Most people cannot read that , but they can see the 16670.

I have placed this sticker on the inside of my windshield at the lower left hand side of the window.

And does it ever get people curious.

It then allows me to explain this is the number of a Auschwitz inmate, a non Jew who was in Auschwitz and died............ by a lethal injection.

This is about the fastest route into debunking the legend about Gassings that I can think of. If that does not provide a great door opener for sharing the truth of Revisionism to strangers, I do not know what could.

I also carry a stack of brochures from the IHR and in particular a handout titled, The "Problem of the Gas Chambers" by Robert Faurisson

It works, and that is the botton line.
So, basically, this stupid pig admits that his way of introducing denial to unsuspecting people is black propaganda. Because how otherwise this method could be characterized, if, according to the Auschwitz Chronicle Kolbe was murdered on August 14, 1941? The earliest date mentioned for the first experimental gassing in Auschwitz (significantly, of non-Jews) is August 15, 1941 (testimony of Michal Kula).

So how does that prove anything?

(Of course, lethal injections continued throughout the existence of the camp, so even if Kolbe would be murdered by lethal injection after gassings started, that still wouldn't prove anything. Obviously, sometimes it was more efficient to kill a small number of people with injections rather than wasting Zyklon B on small groups or waiting for the next Jewish transport.)

Not surprisingly, our old friend "Haldan" is wetting his panties in awe:
Yes, it is a good eye opening argument, which infact should work good in this practice, of showing a person that the idea of German "gas chambers" is absurd on the face of the available facts.

It has been written that Kolbe suffered from active tuberculosis and therefore I wonder why it wouldn't have been more convenient to march this man to one of the alleged "gas chambers" along with 1999 Jews or other sick people, or any number of people which the alleged "gas chamber" could hold!

Convenient as in following the story line of the Hoaxco$t, I mean. It is afterall incessantly repeated that those who were ill had to be "gassed" upon arrival.
How come the Cesspit attracts mostly degenerates into its ranks?

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  1. Ah hah...Kolbe was killed by injection before they started gassings.

    And this somehow proves the gassings and the Holocaust never happened.

    There's an interesting desperate quality to Holocaust Deniers, and it's also interesting how they project that on folks who defend the truth...claiming that historians are desperate to protect the "Holohoax" from the deniers and their "proofs."

    But the deniers still haven't come up with a narrative of how the "Holohoax" was accomplished and how it was done. No paper trail. The best they can do is cite the foreword of one of Elie Wiesel's books, talking about "Things that never happened."

    I think a memo from Bernard Baruch to his staff on "How we will forge the Holocaust" would be better.

    But that doesn't exist.

    But that doesn't stop Holocaust deniers.


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