Sunday, June 25, 2006

"polardude" (aka "Lurkerthe") pwns CODOH

Someone going under nickname "polardude" (he is known as "Lurkerthe" at RODOH, "Colonel Blandish" at alt.revisionism, and, probably, by other names) writes at CODOH:
A quick background on this image (there also a few others) in response to interest of where they came from (well, actually there has been no such interest but anyway).

I obtained them from an amateur historian Sergey Romanov in late 2004. I had infiltrated a holocau$t online community using a false identity. Sergey was passing around some of these images from early soviet propaganda archives he had access to. He was openly boasting about how bad some of the early soviet agitprop was and how lazy and incompetent revisionists were for not hunting it down and exposing them. He said, I think he is correct, that in this shot and others not only is it clear that the chimney has just finished being built, but there aren't even any ovens installed yet!!

I wonder if Mr Romanov is feeling so pleased and cocky now?
Each (yes, each) claim here is a lie, of course, and "polardude" is a well-known troll, whose shtick is denial of existence of crematoria in Nazi camps (incl. Auschwitz, Dachau and Sachsenhausen). I don't know whether it is a mentally ill person, or just someone with too much free time on his hands.

Anyway, what is interesting is how other deniers quickly swallowed his claims. But then, CODOH crowd has always consisted mostly of gullible fools, and some outright liars. And, as we know, "revisionist" forgers are nothing new - Myroslaw Dragan, Emil Lachout, "Gregory Douglas", etc.

So in this case, thanks to a liar "polardude", gullibility of some CODOH pond life has been exposed once again.

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  1. And how can we forget all his memorable posts as "rossi_abroad", "sean_lamb", and "Archy Claw"...

    But I do look forward to meeting up with him at Birkenau next year... I really do... I imagine he'll give the meeting a "mixed" review.... when he's able...


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