Monday, June 26, 2006

And That's Why We Call It "Denial"

Holocaust denier Paul Grubach wrote back in 2003 that "Holocaust revisionists do not deny that atrocities were committed against Jews during WWII."

But over the weekend, he sent out this letter regarding the imprisonment of Germar Rudolf in what he called a "Nazi concentration camp."

Let's see. Is Rudolf given three meals a day? Yes, he is. Has he been put to hard labor? No, he has not. Do they even carry out capital punishment in the prison where he's being held? Nope: They don't have the death penalty in Germany anymore.

So clearly Grubach's comparison is false. The thing that grings my gears, however, is that, at one time, Grubach will talk a bullshit line about now denying that Jews suffering a tragedy suffered by Jews during WWII and then will minimize the scale of suffering at Auschwitz by making this comparison.

That's why no one takes the label "revisionist" seriously, Paul. You and your little friends are deniers; there's no two ways about it.


  1. Amazingly the fact that a
    Historian is thrown in jail
    for expressing an opinion on
    a "gas chambers" is of
    no concern to Andrew M.

    But the let Paul Grubach make
    an ironic comparison to Auschwitz
    and Andrew sees "proof" that
    Mr. Grubach is a "Crypo-Denier".

    Let's give Andrew Mathis the
    Believer of the Day Award

  2. Andrew didn't use the term 'Crypto Denier'. Grubach IS a Denier, or as he'd like to style himself, a Revisionist.

    I think you'll find if you go back through our archives that this blog does NOT agree with imprisoning Holocaust deniers.

  3. To anonymous:

    1) It would be better if you did not write anonymously. Even a (permanent) nickname will do. Thank you.

    2) Rudolf is not and never was a historian.

  4. The holocaust has been proven a hoax. The Jews won't provide any evidence. If there was such a holocaust the Jews would openly debate it and make billions on commercials and silence the revisionists forever. But why do that when you can have laws passed that make it a crime for questioning the holocaust. The Jews claimed Zyklon-B powder was dumped through holes in the roof. This wouldn't kill people. It would if they dumped in 100 pounds of Zyklon-B and only if it was very hot. It wouldn't do anything in cold weather. So we can experiment and show they are lying.

  5. There was no system in the shower rooms, so the gas coming out of the shower head had to be changed. They changed it to dumping the gas from holes in the roof. The only thing in the camps was cans of powdered Zyklon-B. This was used to delouse the clothing. The method the Jews claim won't work like they say. If the Germans used Zyklon-B in such a method there would be 55 gallon drums of the stuff, but there was just little cans which were put into a sprayer and sprayed down the pants of the people coming into the camps to kill lice. Zyklon-B is an insecticide. It was used to kill lice. If the Germans wanted to gas the Jews they would have used Cyanide. The whole holocaust myth can be proven a lie by just listening to the Jewish eyewitnesses. If the Jews said the Germans shot them nobody would give a shit.


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