Friday, May 12, 2006

The Eminently Fair CODOH Forum Moderator

In one of the more amusing moments over at the Jonnie Hargis-run CODOH Forum, a thread was begun by one of the members (all of whom are Holocaust deniers -- there is actually little or no debate going on over there), and it was deleted by the "moderator." Then it was reposted, with the "moderator" noting, "To avoid favoritism, I have left only the original post."

Of course, the original post was by Jonnie Hargis (Hannover). Personally, I'd think it was favoritism if I didn't know, thanks to CODOH founder Bradley Smith saying so, that Hargis is the moderator as well as a participant.

As our own Sergey Romanov noted earlier, despite claims of desire for "open debate." Smith's admission, which he quickly deleted from his own blog, can be found in Sergey's links.

As long as Smith continues to employ Hargis as his useful idiot moderator, only RODOH will remain as the open-debate Holocaust forum on the Internet.

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