Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Alois Brunner: “All of them deserved to die."

Author: Jonathan Harrison
In 1987, Alois Brunner told the Chicago-Sun Times, “All of them deserved to die, because they were the devil’s agents and human garbage. I have no regrets and would do it again.” Brunner, whose death was confirmed yesterday, lived in Syria for several decades and clearly had multiple opportunities to state that Jews were resettled, yet he chose to glory in their deaths, much as his boss Eichmann had done in his Sassen conversations.

Some dolt called Peter Winter claims here that "Honsik actually travelled to Damascus where he interviewed Brunner in person, even taking a picture of the former SS Hauptsturmführer, and reprinting it in his book." However, as my colleague Hans shows here and here, Honsik appears to have taken the photo from the 1985 article by Bunte, which Winter ignores.

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Jeff said...

Hosnik attributes a statement by Brunner that he was unaware of gas chambers until after the war as denial. This is ludicrous.

If anything, Brunner was simply unaware of the exact mechanism of killing by virtue of his position. His statements to Bunte make clear that the deportation of Jews during this period was deadly. All that his statements to Hosnik (if he ever made them at all - Hosnik is far from a reliable source) prove is that Brunner did not know that Jews were being executed by gas. That he knew they were being sent to their death is beyond refute.